Serena Williams’ 6-Year-Old Daughter Finds the Safest Place in the World as Daddy Dearest Makes Emotional Promise

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Well, if we tell you that Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, is the ideal picture of what a father should be like, you will probably agree with us. Time and again, Alexis Ohanian has shown what an exemplary dad he is to both of her daughters. He loves Olympia a lot, and recently, a post that Ohanian shared on his official social media account proved the same.

Alexis Ohanian posted an adorable picture with his daughter Olympia on his social media account, which truly shows the kind of bond the two of them share, and we are in awe of it.

Alexis Ohanian and his daughter Olympia were caught in a cute moment yet again as their photo went viral on social media. The ‘ideal’ father posted a cute picture on his official Twitter account where he can be seen hugging his daughter Olympia very tightly. His eyes are completely closed as if he is trying to capture the moment forever.

With the photo, he also wrote, “NEVER LETTING GO.” As always, his post got a lot of attention, and people loved the way he never fails to express his love for her little one.

His love, however, is not only bound to pictures. Ohanian also ensured the future of his daughter Olympia by making her the youngest investor in his all-women’s soccer club as well. However, this is not the first time Alexis Ohanian has shared a post for Olympia on Twitter. In November, he shared a post where little Olympia had two dumbles in her hands, and the father captioned the video, “I had @Olympiaohanian benching at 4 months.

Alexis Ohanian showers Olympia with love by making her an investor in this young

Alexis Ohanian owns an all-women’s soccer club called Angel City. There are a lot of people who have invested in this club, including Alexis Ohanian himself and his wife, Serena Williams. The tennis legend Billie Jean King is also an investor in the club, along with her partner.

And among the long list of investors, the youngest investor happens to be Olympia Ohanian, who was made an investor by her father. Even though she does not, as of now, understand what being an investor means, at least this ensures that her future is secure and she will be able to take care of herself as intended by her father.

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