Top 3 Most Expensive Tiger Woods Memorabilia: A Look Into His $5 Million Worth Vault

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After making his debut in 1996, Tiger Woods was not expected to climb the ladder of success as fast and exceptionally as he did. In the 27 years of his career, Woods has used many apparel, clubs, and balls, to name a few. As fame approached the doors of Woods, everything that he ever used became a prestigious collectible.

From his shoes to his club set to his signed balls and flags, at the Golden Age Auctions, there are more than 100 Woods’ used products that are sold. The no.1 on the list went for over $5 million and is the record holder for auction history. Below are the three most expensive from the Tiger Woods bid items.

The first is the renowned club set of Tiger Woods from 2000 to 2001. The ‘Tiger Slam’ was used by the 15-time major champ when he won the US Open, The British Open, the PGA Championship, and the Masters. He became the first-ever golfer to hold all these titles at the same time.

The set had 2-PW Titleist Forged irons and two custom-made Vokey Wedges. The wedges have the ‘Tiger’ stamped on them and the 58 degree has been bent to 56 and has a hand stamp of “56” as per Golden Age Auctions.

The set was auctioned for $5,156,162 named as the most expensive bid of 2022 and set the record for the Golden Age Auctions. The second most expensive item of Woods sold at the Golden Age Auction was his 2002 Scotty Cameron Backup putter, which was auctioned for $393,300 in August 2021.

The putter was occasionally used by Woods and, as the name suggests, it was usually used in practice sessions or if something happened with his original putter. There were 1 or 2 backup putters in Woods’s bag, which were custom-made by Scotty Cameron at the peak of Woods’ career. The putter was auctioned with a letter of provenance by Scotty Cameron, which read, “This Putter was made as a Backup for Tiger Woods” and a letter of certificate from the maker.

The third expensive memorabilia is the Scotty Cameron Red Dot Newport II putter from 2005. The putter was exclusively produced by Tiger Woods. As the other backup putter, the 83x PGA Tour winner used it in times of emergency or practice. The putter was first auctioned by Woods himself on 1st October 2005 for the TGR Learning Lab campus in Anaheim, CA.

After 17 years of being in the shadow, it was sold at the Golden Age Auctions in September 2002 and was auctioned for $328,576. The bid was started at $5,000 and after 47 bidders, one was lucky enough to take it home. The putter came with a certificate of authenticity from Scotty Cameron. Tiger Woods has many more items that were auctioned at the Golden Age Auctions and these three are just the tip of the iceberg.

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