Charlie Woods’s Biggest Opponents at 2023 PNC Championship: Ranking the Juniors at Display by Their Handicap

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As the game of golf opens its doors to the PNC Championship once again, Charlie Woods’ stardom only seems to increase with every passing year. Call it his intense golfing skills, or his famous father being on his side, no matter what the reason might be the Charlie effect has surely proven its charm over the last couple of years.

However, Tiger Woods’s prodigy son is not without competition this season. In fact, some of his opponents of the PNC Championship have also made a grand name for themselves despite their young age, giving Charlie Woods food for thought.

At just the age of 14, Charlie Woods has built a massive fan following owing to his mastery of the sport. This year’s PNC Championship with feature Woods with his talented father Tiger Woods. However, at the father-son contest, Charlie Woods is not short of competitors.

Comparison between the junior golfers is not as simplistic as it would be with the senior professionals. This is because they tend to have handicap score ranges. Considering this, Charlie Woods, a famous scratch player or a golfer with 0 handicap score, has five other junior golfers to look out for. All these golfers fall under the handicap range of advanced which translates to them having a handicap score below 25. Here are those top challengers.

1. John Daly II

First on the list is the bad boy of golf’s 20-year-old son named after his father, John Daly II. Despite being the youngest of Daly’s three children, John Daly II has already received the Sung Hyun Park Junior Championship as well as the 2021 PNC Championship alongside his father.

According to the Junior Par, John Daly II falls under the advanced level. Some have even termed him as an equal to Charlie Woods, who is also a player at the advanced level. This is what makes him Charlie Woods’s prime competitor.

2. Izzi Stricker

Steve Stricker’s youngest daughter is one of the most refined talents set to be seen at the PNC bank-sponsored event this year. Last year, she won the individual state championship for Waunakee High School. Post which, she committed to the Wisconsin women’s golf program in 2022. Ever since the 17-year-old prodigy has gone on to defend her state title.

Even after being only a debutant at the PNC Championship, her polished golfing skills have rendered her the advanced level, according to Junior Par. Interestingly enough, Izzi Stricker also has caddying experience for her legendary father.

3. Brady Duval

Next on the list is Brady Duval. David Duval’s son can be characterized as an advanced-level junior golfer after taking into account his two glorious wins in the 2023 season.

He has played three events so far where he has been able to meet all three cuts. In two of these events, he has accomplished two top-one finishes at the Elite Series #1 and at the Spring Series #3 at Bishops Gate. In the other event he played, the Elite Series #2, the famous golfer received the runner-up status.

4. Will McGee

Annika Sorenstam’s son, Will McGee, also falls on the advanced level, like Charlie Woods, making him another strong opponent. The famous son of the star LPGA sensation has recently shot an astounding ace in the practice rounds for the PNC Championship, making him a tough competitor for the Willie Park trophy.

His debut in 2022 was nothing short of grand expectations attached to him. He was the youngest player in the tournament’s history, as he debuted at just the age of 11. McGee is on the playing field this year as well, along with his mother, Annika Sorenstam, ready to give a tough fight to Charlie Woods and the other young golfers on the field.

5. Leo Goosen

The son of the famous South African professional golfer, Retief Goosen, is a collegiate-level golfer. Therefore, he can be characterized as an advanced-level player in terms of the Junior Par. Even though he has not won any tournaments till now, Leo Goosen sure is a promising player at the 2023 PNC Championship.

All in all, Charlie Woods surely has some tough competition waiting for him at the 2023 PNC Championship. From John Daly II, Izzi Stricker, Brady Duval, Will McGee, and Leo Gooseen to Charlie Woods, the field for this year’s PNC Championship is filled with some of the most promising talents in the golf world waiting to actualize their true potential.

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