Pet-Parent Simone Biles Finds Nutritious Partner For Her Fur-Babies’ Mischiefs In Latest Update

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The most decorated gymnast in the world, Simone Biles, has not only captivated audiences with her incredible routines that defy gravity but has also cemented her status as an all-around champion. There’s another aspect of Simone that’s worth admiring besides her physical prowess— her love for dogs.

As she is taking a break from competitive gymnastics after a victorious comeback, Biles has accepted a new role. Known for staying outspoken, she continues to provide advice off the mat.

If you know Biles, you know she adores her Frenchies but did you also know they have an Instagram account(@thebilesfrenchies) with over 75K followers? Keeping her fur babies’ health in check, Biles shared a reel on her Instagram partnering with @nulopetfood. The caption read, “When you want the best for your pets, you only get the best with Nulo!“

Speaking about the dog food brand, Biles said, “Pets rely on us to make the best decisions for their health and happiness, including what we choose to put into their bowl every day. As an athlete, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of fueling my body with the right nutrition, and I feel the same way when it comes to feeding my dogs @thebilesfrenchies.”

Lilo is 6 years old while Rambo is 3 years old. This year alone, their shenanigans have amused the internet including Biles giving in to their new mischiefs now and then. And despite all the troubles, she once said, “My dogs have made my life better significantly.” 

Even though Simone isn’t much of a chef, she told NBC that she often finds herself in the kitchen making food for her dogs. She regrets not having learned to cook when she was younger as she reheats a mixture of meat and vegetables to pour over their dry food. “Who cooks for their dogs?” she asked in a lighthearted manner highlighting her love for the fur babies.

Simone always has funny stories to tell about her dogs when she’s by herself in Texas. The fact that even elite gymnasts schedules time to spend with their dear companions at the end of the day is heartwarming, to say the least.

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