“Them Days Are Over”: Devin Haney’s Father Calls Out Gervonta Davis for “Hiding” While Branding Son as “The Face” of Boxing

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Devin Haney secured the WBC super-lightweight world title from Regis Prograis, marking his entrance into the 140-pound division with a commanding performance in San Francisco. The former undisputed lightweight world champion delivered a notable blow by knocking down his opponent during the bout. The judges unanimously declared Haney the winner with scores of 120-107.

This assured the dominance he displayed throughout the match on Saturday. Haney had Prograis down on the ground in the third round and even stunned him with a direct hit in the sixth round. After the immaculate performance, Haney’s father Bill Haney claimed his son to be the ‘face of boxing’ and criticized Gervonta Davis for giving himself this accolade.

In the aftermath of the Prograis showdown, the potential clash between Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis appears to be a tightly contested matchup, with opinions leaning towards a 50/50 split. Haney, buoyed by his accomplishments, business acumen, and exceptional technical skills, has established himself on a comparable or even superior platform to Davis. Notably, Bill Haney, Devin’s father, has emphatically asserted that they will not yield to Tank’s rehydration clause and what they perceive as low-ball offers.

He said, “Hiding behind the Twitter and hiding behind the other s**t, them days are over with man. Devin is the face.” Then he goes on to talk about how Davis cannot really be called the ‘face of boxing’. He explained further, “How you gon’ be the face and you never get asked questions to y’all. How you gon’ be the face and you don’t fight the people that you want to fight. How you gon’ be the face and you brag about the money you charge to people and it’s a fight that is a mismatch. Come on man, is that the face?

In the past few days, Davis has been sending a lot of cryptic messages supposedly in the direction of ‘The Dream’. Still, Haney believes ‘Tank’ doesn’t want to take the fight against him.

Following his victory as the WBC super lightweight champion, Devin Haney contemplates potential future matchups. He also acknowledged that a showdown with a rival previously defeated by Davis seems more plausible than a bout against Davis himself in 2024. Haney expressed cautious optimism about a lucrative fight with Ryan Garcia, deeming it “a possibility” during his post-fight press conference on Saturday night.

However, when addressing the prospect of facing Davis, Haney conveyed a sense of pessimism. He said, “Tank don’t wanna fight because if he really wanted to fight, then he would be trying to build up the fight, instead of trying to, you know, knock it down or, you know, try to, you know, say I’m only selling cuz of this or cuz of that.


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