Floyd Mayweather Accused of Faking $15 Million Worth Stunt as UFC Legend Hits With Reality Check- “Whispering Into the Camera”

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Floyd Mayweather loves money. Along with his historically great (many would argue the greatest) defensive skills, Mayweather is known for his high and luxurious lifestyle. This often rubs on his fans’ and critics’ faces alike. And ahead of the holiday season, ‘Money’ is back to his old ways and flexing his wealth.

The 46-year-old recently posted a video of him shopping in a mall. In the video, he claimed the mall had been closed to let him shop. He further claimed to have spent $15 million in gifts there. However, UFC commentator and analyst Chael Sonnen doubted Mayweather’s claims.

‘Boxing Kingdom’ posted a video of Floyd Mayweather on their official Twitter account, claiming he was shopping in a mall that had been closed to the public despite it being the holiday season so that he could shop there unbothered. The outlet claimed that Mayweather had spent $15 million on Christmas gifts in the caption to the post.

Verbose UFC commentator Chael Sonnen tweeted a post, doubting all of the claims made in it. He felt Mayweather was speaking softly to not be audible to the workers and other shoppers. Sonnen seems to believe Mayweather did not get a mall closed during business hours. And he surely didn’t spend $15 million there as the boxer has claimed. The former UFC title challenger did tip his hat to Mayweather’s trolling abilities.

“This is great. Floyd is whispering into the camera, so he doesn’t alert workers and fellow shoppers around him as he pretends he rented the mall out. Truly, an exceptional troll,” Sonnen wrote on Twitter.

And this is not the first time he has dismissed one of Mayweather’s exorbitant claims. The Philly Shell practitioner has claimed on multiple occasions that he has received $100 million from a fight, which Sonnen has brushed aside as ludicrous claims.

On his recent appearance on the ‘Flagrant’ podcast, ‘The American Gangster’ called bullsh** on reports Mayweather has made $100 million or $130 million from a fight. “First off, he never got $1oo million for a fight and is not even remotely close. but there is a report of 130, there are reports online that Floyd’s a billionaire. Bullsh**,” Sonnen told host Andrew Schulz.

On being asked the reasoning behind this claim, Sonnen pointed out that these were not verifiable numbers that were open to the public. He felt the public had to take Mayweather and his team at their word to believe this number and he thought Mayweather was exaggerating the numbers.

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