Mike Tyson Reveals Real Reason Why Hotboxin’ Podcast Is on a Hiatus

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A lot of boxers fail to keep making the headlines after they hang up their gloves, but not Mike Tyson. ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ has turned his boxing fame into a successful cannabis business and an insanely popular podcast. The former heavyweight champion has hosted numerous big names from sports and entertainment in his podcast, Hotboxin with Mike Tyson. However, the podcast has recently been put on hold, leaving fans to wonder why.

Recently, the retired boxing legend launched a new line of cannabis products. Likewise, he showed up for an exclusive interview with Bryan Salmond. However, the conversation quickly diverted to his podcast. While appearing in an interview, ‘Iron’ Mike shed light on the reason behind the hiatus from his podcast.

The reporter questioned whether Mike was still involved in his Hotboxin podcast, nearing the end of the interview. In response, ‘Iron’ Mike claimed the podcast was on a hiatus. “We are on Hiatus. [We’ll get a bunch of repeats and stuff]” Tyson revealed. Following Mike’s hiatus claim, the reporter questioned how much he was enjoying making the podcast.

In response, Mike Tyson remarked on the reason he took a break from the podcast, claiming he was going with the flow. “Hey, listen, I am just going with the flow. I am passing through here, enjoying everything,” Tyson told Bryan Salmond. On a separate note, when Mike’s podcast is the topic of discussion, how can anyone forget when he choked attempting Wiz Khalifa’s kush-up challenge.

Mike’s love for cannabis is no secret. Besides running a massive cannabis empire, Mike has expressed disappointment about not smoking during his boxing career. However, back in April, during his podcast featuring Wiz Khalifa, Mike choked while attempting a challenge from Khalifa.

As Wiz mentioned in the clip, the challenge involves inhaling ten puffs of smoke one after the other without exhaling. So, Mike, who never backs down from a challenge, attempted the challenge, but after two puffs, the former heavyweight began choking. He went as far as to jokingly declare, “Oh god, help me!”

While appearing in an interview promoting his new cannabis product, Mike Tyson revealed the real reason for taking a break from his popular podcast. However, we would like to get your thoughts on the break from Hotboxing.

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