“There’s a Change That Needs to Be Made”: Terence Crawford Gives Cryptic Response to Ongoing Beef Between Ryan Garcia and Oscar De La Hoya

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Where there are millions of dollars involved, disagreements and feuds are bound to happen. However, a lot of people saw this one coming! Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia have been involved in a long-drawn feud, even though the former is the latter’s promoter. Reflecting on the situation, Terence Crawford left a cryptic message about their stormy relationship.

Recently, Ryan Garcia went toe-to-toe with Oscar Duarte, winning the fight via eight-round knockout. However, after the fight concluded, reports came out that ‘King Ry’ had banned Oscar from entering his locker room during the fight. As unheard of as the news was from Garcia’s corner, it showcased the escalating differences between the two parties. So, when Terence Crawford was asked about his thoughts on the matter, ‘Bud’ Crawford opted out of discussions with a mysterious response.
While speaking to Fight Hype, the reporter questioned ‘Bud’ about his thoughts on the ongoing feud between ‘Golden Boy’ and ‘King Ry.’ In response, the undisputed champion began by suggesting that he could say a lot of things, but he is not going to. “It’s a lot of things that I can say right now that I’m not going to say,” said Terence Crawford.
He further added that there needs to be a change in boxing, and according to Crawford, the change is just around the corner. “There’s a change that needs to be made in a sport of boxing, and I think that change is coming soon,” said Crawford. However, despite Oscar and Garcia’s feud, they shared one thought in common. What’s that? Ryan’s next fight would be a big one!
After winning the last Saturday night bout, Garcia called out Rolly Romero for a fight. While the boxing world would love to see the fight transpire, things aren’t looking so great for the prospect of a potential matchup. During a recent interview with Fight Hype, Romero described his thoughts on a potential fight against the Victorville native.
Romero suggested that Garcia doesn’t deserve to get a fight against him. “I don’t think he deserves it. He does not deserve to share a ring with me,” said Romero. He went on to claim that he doesn’t want to fight in 140 lbs. Rather, he wants to move to 147 lbs to fight other big names. “Honestly, I don’t even wanna be at 140lbs anymore, I wanna go to 147lbs. There’s a lot of big names at 147lbs I want,” said Romero.

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