Praised by Mike Tyson Himself, Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz Receives Scathing Response From Gervonta Davis Following Recent Call-Out

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Getting the legend, Mike Tyson to not only acknowledge but also compare a fighter to himself is not a feat just about anyone can achieve. However, Isaac Cruz, the fighter from Mexico, made it possible.

Post Ryan Garcia‘s loss against Gervonta Davis, he saved his career by defeating Oscar Duarte. After the fight between Garcia and Duarte, Cruz in an Instagram story, tagged Davis and Garcia both with a picture of himself pointing toward the camera. This was nothing short of a call-out by the fighter. Davis has made sure to respond to it.
The feud between Cruz and Davis traces back to December 2012. Davis ascended to boxing stardom fueled by explosive knockouts and the backing of mentor Floyd Mayweather. Cruz, a late replacement for Rolando Romero, proved skeptics wrong as he presented “Tank” with a formidable challenge on short notice. The bout at Los Angeles’ Staples Center unfolded as a closely contested 12-round affair, contrary to expectations. Despite the tough competition, Davis narrowly secured a unanimous decision victory, showcasing the unanticipated difficulty of the matchup.
Davis reposted the story on his Instagram, but not without adding a hard-hitting response of his own. “I beat yo a** with one hand rock head,” wrote Davis suggesting it would barely demand any effort from his side to end the argument with Cruz once and for all. Possibly, we will soon get to see whether the claims are true or not.
Fans have been demanding a rematch between the duo for a while now. Fortunately, it might finally materialize. According to recent reports, the rematch between Davis and Cruz is scheduled for the official launch of the PBC on AMAZON in early 2024. American boxer Gervonta “Tank” Davis will once again face Mexican boxer Isaac Jonathan Cruz.
The exact date and venue for the rematch will be disclosed in the coming weeks. Gervonta Davis maintains an undefeated record, while Cruz has encountered two losses, one of which was against Davis in 2021. Popularly known as the Pitbull, Cruz surprised many with an outstanding performance in their previous encounter, displaying a formidable fight that pushed Gervonta to his limits.

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