“He Also Had Fragile Hands”: While Lauding Floyd Mayweather’s Boxing Skills, BKFC President Claims 50-0 Boxer Wouldn’t Do Well in a Bare Knuckle Fight

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Floyd Mayweather has left an undeniable imprint on the sport of boxing. But would he be able to do so in another combat? Let’s say, Bare Knuckle boxing? Founder and president of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC)David Feldman thinks not. In his unbeaten career of fifty fights, the former welterweight champion rose to the pinnacles of boxing. While these skills helped him through boxing, Feldman thinks they would not help him when it comes to BKFC.

In the recent episode of ES Fancast, David Feldman engaged in a candid conversation with Noah Lack about the inception of the promotion company, its future, and the trends around it. While MMA fighters are adapting to the sport through transitions, would boxers be able to do the same? Now, let’s narrow this question further.
‘Pretty Boy’ is a name in the boxing world that needs no introduction. He has transcended into the status of a legend for everything he’s done in the ring. In the exclusive conversation with the ES Fancast, the BKFC president noted, “I don’t think that bare-knuckle fighting is Floyd Mayweather’s sport. So I don’t think he would do very well here. I think he’s great at boxing. One of the best that ever did it. There’s a different type of fighting boxing than there is for bare-knuckle fighting. And I think he was great at like I said, one of the best at boxing.”
Further, into the conversation, the 53-year-old founder also elucidated as to why he thinks ‘Pretty Boy’ would not sustain in a fight without the gloves. He said, “He also had fragile hands, and he was a slick boxer, so, he had a couple of things that would take away from him being good at bare-knuckle fighting.”
One of the features of the ES Fancast is it allows viewers and fans to participate in interactive polls while a conversation is going on. During the Feldman episode, the question about Mayweather’s adeptness for bare-knuckle fights was also posed to fans. 33% of the fans voted in favor of the notion that Mayweather would emerge as a champion in the sport. However, another 56% thought otherwise.
We might never know how Floyd Mayweather would fare in a bare-knuckle fight. However, for argument’s sake, let’s assume that he does go into the bare-knuckle fights.

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