11 Years After Stunning Serena Williams, ‘Powerful’ Piers Morgan Pridefully Boasts With Nick Kyrgios About the Beatdown – ‘I’m a Man’

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British journalist Piers Morgan never fails to catch the limelight. Be it famous events or controversies, the renowned journalist has been through all. Back in 2012, a video of him with Serena Williams went viral where he was seen winning a point against the American tennis legend. The video became the talk of the town as Serena was at her peak and losing, even a point, against Morgan was surprising. Recently, the video resurfaced, to which Morgan candidly reacted.

The British journalist, known for his controversial opinions on several topics, was involved in an interview with Kyrgios during which the two were engaged in an intense conversation. During that talk, Morgan brought up his victory over Serena.

Kyrgios and Morgan were talking about elite players during which old memories about the latter’s victory over the 23-time Grand Slam champ resurfaced. Morgan played that video that had gone viral and described the moment.

Talking about it, Morgan said, “You know I didn’t want to play that clip but you forced me into it with your taunting about me not being Elite level tennis player, that is me beating the greatest female player in history.”
Further, he went on to add, “I’m not claiming any credit obviously I’m a man, I’m more powerful I’m faster um more skillful uh but a win’s a win.”
What was interesting was the fact that the two played the point with a wooden racket. It was a new experience for Serena, who hadn’t played with classic wood rackets. Nonetheless, Serena was dejected at losing the point and Morgan’s joy knew no bounds.
Serena wasn’t too pleased playing with a wooden racket. After she lost against Morgan, she blamed her equipment for the loss. Describing the incident, Morgan said, “I suddenly discovered some form, banging a couple of serves that caused a startled Ms. Williams to exclaim (on camera). There was something pitiful about seeing a four-times Wimbledon singles champion blaming her tools.”
Piers gained massive bragging rights after that match and still remembers those moments, even to this day. The event, which was broadcast to 300 million people across 180 countries, gained massive popularity following Morgan’s upset.

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