“No Lie That’s Dope”: Rocking Super-Expensive LV Outfits, Floyd Mayweather Catches Fans’ Attention With a Remarkable Time Piece

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Floyd Mayweather Jr., a boxing legend, overcame challenging circumstances in his youth, dedicating himself to boxing after dropping out of school. Born into a renowned boxing family, Mayweather Jr. surpassed expectations by winning titles in five different weight classes, earning him the title of the pound-for-pound greatest boxer of the last twenty-five years by ESPN. His success in the ring translated into immense wealth, with Forbes naming him the world’s highest-paid athlete in 2018, amassing over a billion dollars in fight earnings.

Holding a reported net worth of $450 million, Money is known for his opulent lifestyle, particularly his penchant for luxury goods. Beyond real estate and investments, his fascination with high-end collectibles is evident through his extensive watch collection. Of late, he showcased a new diamond-studded timepiece on social media, further solidifying his reputation as the first billionaire in boxing. In his post, he shared the video of the extravagant timepiece. Moreover, he even revealed its origin in the caption of the post, “Thanks @aviandco for my little run around toy.”
Mayweather shared that he would be out traveling for a couple weeks. Moreover, in the follow-up story, he could be seen in his private jet, spending his time playing video games. Interestingly, he also shared a video of himself after donning the Louis Vuitton outfit.

In the video he showed off his clothes, shoes, pants and his expensive watch as he proudly displayed the luxury brand. In the caption he flexed, “Either I’m from Louisville or I got a Louie Deal!”. What’s intriguing is that, just a couple of days ago, he had received severe criticism from fans over this exact get-up. However, it seems that when you are Mayweather, criticism doesn’t prevent you from wearing what you want.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s lavish lifestyle sparks diverse fan reactions

Fans erupted with a range of responses. One fan questioned, “Will you check the time on your phone first?”. Another fan pointed out how the money spent could be used for something good.

He wrote, “the ammount of good you could do with your money is unfathomable. But you choose to buy more things and then flex on people on instagram. When is it enough Floyd? When does this cr*p not mean anything anymore to you? Do something good with the gift the universe has given you. We don’t care about your stupid shiny watch Floyd. Eat a D Floyd.”

Meanwhile, one fan claimed that this kind of post hurt Mayweather’s legacy. He stated, “This is why you always broke and gotta taint your legacy with exhibition fights.” Moreover, a fan mocked Mayweather’s TBE and wrote, “The Worst Ever (dresser)”.

However, one fan came out in support of the boxing legend. The fan attacked the people criticizing Mayweather, writing, “One thing for sure haters always got time to be under the comments”. Lastly, a fan complimented the new watch as they wrote, “No lie thats DOPE”.


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