Billionaire Floyd Mayweather Enjoys Playing Video Games While Flying in His $50 Million Private Jet

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If there is a man who stands on the top of both the combat standpoint as well as the business standpoint in the sport of boxing, that person has to be Floyd Mayweather Jr. Even though there have been many who have had the same level of fame or skill as him, he still remains one of the highest-paid athletes in the history of the sport. This achievement shows not only his incredible talent but also his ability to use his fame to garner even more wealth.

He has an exquisite collection of cars, jewelry, and clothes that can leave anyone envious of his wealth. However, his private jet takes the cake as one of his most outstanding purchases. The jet that he brought back on his 41st birthday has featured in many of his posts including the one where he tried getting his grandson to box. Recently, it once again made an appearance as Mayweather took to social media.
floyd mayweather
Floyd Mayweather has been pretty active on social media over the last couple of weeks. Mayweather recently took to Instagram to share an interesting video with his fans. The video starts with a close-up of TMT merch. As the video pans out, it is revealed that the video was taken in no other place than the boxing legend’s private jet. At the front, Mayweather could be seen sitting and enjoying video games while flying in his jet.
This post can be considered a follow-up to his recent post. Previously, ‘Money’ Mayweather shared a video of his newest purchase. In the caption he stated, “Traveling for 2 weeks so I brought 14 pair of shades to peep the haters. They always said karats are good for vision.” It seems that the boxing legend is already out to travel and took the chance to show off his skills to the fans as well.
The previous bout between the boxing legend and John Gotti III turned into an absolute mess back in June this year. Even though the two were supposed to lock horns in an exhibition bout, things quickly became personal as the two came face to face. Moreover, Mayweather dominated his opponent throughout the fight. However, Gotti got increasingly frustrated with this and in the end, when he tried to attack Mayweather, a brawl broke out.
With such a disastrous end to the fight, it is interesting that the two are planning to enter the ring together once again. Recently, he shared the poster for the upcoming bout on his account and wrote, “Kicking Off Super Bowl Weekend – Unfinished Business. See You Guys In Las Vegas. More Details Coming Soon!! @mayweatherpromotions”.

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