With Another Payday Lined Up, Floyd Mayweather Buys 14 Diamond-Crusted Pair of Shades to “Peep” Haters and Fans Are All for It

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Floyd Mayweather, the undefeated boxing icon, just bought 14 diamond-crusted shades. Each pair is a dazzling display of luxury. Why so many? Mayweather says it’s to “peep” the haters. His Instagram is now a glittering showcase. This purchase comes just before his rematch with John Gotti III. Scheduled for Super Bowl weekend, the fight is already generating buzz.

Their first match ended in chaos, fueling anticipation for this one. Mayweather’s shades aren’t just fashion. They’re a bold statement from a man known for his extravagance. This is classic Mayweather opulent.
In a recent Instagram video, Floyd Mayweather showcased his latest extravagant purchase: 14 pairs of diamond-studded shades. Accompanying this display of luxury was a caption that read, “Traveling for 2 weeks so I brought 14 pair of shades to peep the haters. They always said karats are good for vision.” This post immediately caught the attention of fans and followers, sparking a range of reactions.
Firstly, one fan expressed disapproval, stating bluntly, “Waste of money.” This sentiment was echoed by another fan who offered a philosophical perspective, remarking, “Money don’t buy happiness.” However, not all reactions were negative. One fan showed admiration, commenting, “NiCE Collection, Floyd,” acknowledging Mayweather’s taste for luxury.

Adding to the mix, another person highlighted Mayweather’s boxing achievements: “they’ll stay hating, you did beat all their hero’s brother.” This comment reflects a recognition of Mayweather’s dominance in the ring, tying his luxurious lifestyle to his professional success. Finally, one fan gave a piece of advice with a combative undertone, “Don’t peep them block them or give them The jab with hook,” aligning with Mayweather’s fighter persona.

These reactions paint a vivid picture of the public’s diverse views on Mayweather’s extravagant lifestyle and his unapologetic flaunting of wealth.

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is gearing up for a high-profile rematch against John Gotti III, announced as “Unfinished Business” on his Instagram. This exhibition bout, set during the Super Bowl weekend, follows their previous encounter earlier this year, which ended abruptly in a brawl involving both fighters’ corners.

The 46-year-old Mayweather, unfazed by age, remains a formidable figure in the boxing world. Details such as the venue and exact date of this much-anticipated rematch are yet to be released. Mayweather’s continued presence in the ring, despite being past his prime, showcases his enduring influence and the excitement he still brings to the sport.

While some fans marvel at his luxurious lifestyle, others question his extravagance. Meanwhile, his return to the ring, even past his prime, keeps the boxing world captivated.

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