Venus Williams Keeps the Child in Her Alive as She Turns Funky for an Environmental Cause in Texas

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Venus Williams never stops amazing her fans with her unique and inspiring initiatives. Recently, she partnered with the renowned fashion company Lacoste, for which she has been a brand ambassador, to work on something special. Her partnership with the French brand focused on purely fashion and sports in the past. But this time, her efforts were focused on an important environmental issue. Williams has been working with Lacoste for a long time now. Her collaboration with the brand on an eco-friendly theme will certainly further the adoration of fans for her.

Williams was recently at Hopscotch San Antonio for her recent collaboration with Lacoste. To promote the brand, she wore a brown jacket from their brand that was paired with a white bottom and sneakers. Her overall look was extremely stylish and sporty at the same time.

She posted a photo of herself sitting with a backdrop which was made of recycled bags. Along with the photo, she posted a caption that read, “Recycled bags transformed to art. Upcycle with a purpose.” Her theme for the collaboration was based on the major issue of recycling items, such as bags and fast fashion. According to the National Geographic, most of the plastic products produced around the world end up in the ocean, around 8 billion tons per year. Thus, methods such as recycling are certainly a step in the right direction.

Along with raising her voice about an important issue, since she was at Hopscotch, she also made sure to have fun while she could. After the post, she added a few stories on her Instagram account where she was clearly embracing the child in her.

In the first story she posted on Instagram, she was surrounded by a lot of rounded figures that looked like balloons. In the story, she also wrote, “Never grow up”. After that, she posted another story where she could be seen dancing around a mandala-like figure that was being projected on a screen. And in that story, she wrote, “This was fun”.


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