Gervonta Davis Recalls the Promise He Made 9 Years Back When He Had Nothing

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Gervonta Davis stands as a formidable force in the lightweight division, establishing his dominance through a string of consecutive knockout victories. As the WBA lightweight champion, his prowess is characterized by explosive power and a fierce fighting style that has allowed him to assert control over the division for a long period of time. Approaching nearly a decade in professional boxing, Davis has not only demonstrated his skill in the ring but has also amassed considerable wealth.

His financial success is attributed to various revenue streams, including lucrative PPV shares, participation in high-profile money fights, lucrative brand endorsements, and other income-generating avenues. He held titles in three different weight classes, however, there was a time when he manifested himself as the world champion, only a year after he had turned professional.

In his recent Instagram Story, Gervonta Davis shared an earlier tweet of his where he predicted his dominance over the sport of boxing. In the tweet, Davis wrote, “I will be a world champ by 21, mark my words!!“However, there is an interesting backstory behind the tweet, since it was done after a man managed to go the distance against ‘Tank’ for the first time in his career.

It was someone named German Ivan Meraz, who lost to Davis by a decision in 2014. Before this fight, Davis managed to knock out every single opponent. After 20 days of this fight, Davis wrote the renowned tweet.  However, in the later years, Davis admitted that he took things a bit lightly at that time. He told Boxing Junkie at the final news conference of his fight against Isaac Cruz, “I ate too much after the weigh-in. I drank a lot of soda, ate a bunch of stuff. That messed me up.

Later in the same interview, Davis also stated that it didn’t bother him much, that he couldn’t knock out Ivan Meraz. He felt winning the fight is what matters in the end.

Davis knew he couldn’t knock out every one of his opponents

Many thought that the tweet was done due to the remorse that sat inside Gervonta Davis, for not being able to knock his opponent out for the first time in his professional career. But, later Davis stated that he was always at peace with the fact that he could not knock every one of his opponents.

In the same presser, Davis also said, “Does it bother me that I couldn’t knock him out? Nah. I don’t think I’m going to knockout every opponent my whole career.

While acknowledging landing “perfect” punches for maximum impact, Davis confessed that he remains uncertain about the specific reasons as to why his shots inflict a lot of damage. He stated, “When I catch them with a perfect shot, they either fall or they’re really tough. And they felt it for sure.


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