“Power Would Come Out On Top”: Gervonta Davis’s Former Opponent Snubs Shakur Stevenson To Pick ‘Tank’ In Potential Bout

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The world has been waiting for a Shakur StevensonGervonta Davis clash. An old opponent has given his verdict on the potential bout. Stevenson secured his third world championship, clinching the WBC lightweight title with a unanimous decision victory against Edwin De Los Santos at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. He took a measured approach, exhibiting patience in the early rounds. Fans and boxers found the fight quite underwhelming and though Stevenson secured a win, many, including himself, were very critical of his performance.

Davis boasts a record of 29 wins and no losses with 27 knockouts. Stevenson, on the other hand, is the younger fight with a record of 21 wins and no losses with no knockouts either. Hector Garcia, who fought Davis in January this year explains who would reign supreme in a fight between the two titans.

Davis adopts the Southpaw stance, a unique advantage due to its rarity. Distinctive for his minimal punches, he strategically conserves energy for maximum impact. Noteworthy is his skill in delivering knockout blows with precision, emphasizing quality over quantity. This is what Garcia considered while making the comment.

“I think Gervonta would win because of his power. That fight would be pretty even but Gervonta’s power would come out on top in the end.” said Garcia when asked about who would stand supreme in the fight between the ‘Sugar’ and ‘Tank’. He was careful to not dismiss Stevenson’s skills entirely either.

Though not a knockout specialist, Stevenson’s impenetrable style mirrors Floyd Mayweather’s confidence and precision. His accuracy, akin to Mayweather’s, elevates the impact of each well-placed punch over a barrage of less precise ones. With an impenetrable defense, Stevenson adopts a calculated approach rather than an aggressive one. Regardless, Garcia believes Davis will be able to break through and emerge victorious. Ryan Garcia, another of ‘Tank’s older opponents is now trying to ignite a rematch between the two.

Davis clinched victory against Garcia in a high-profile match, attracting over 1.2 million pay-per-view (PPV) purchases on Showtime. In a recent interview, Garcia expressed his willingness for a rematch, emphasizing Davis must come to him. Garcia, confident in his marketability, claimed to have blessed Davis with around $30 million.

Davis has yet to respond to Garcia’s request. The uncertainty surrounding the potential rematch adds intrigue and only time will unveil whether this anticipated bout materializes. The clash between their boxing prowess and promotional dynamics keeps fans on the edge, awaiting the resolution of this unfolding narrative.


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