“Wasn’t One of the Most Fortunate”: Simone Biles’ Husband Jonathan Owens Opens Up on Hard Childhood Amid Thanksgiving Festivities

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As Thanksgiving is underway, the holiday season has officially begun. The joy and gratitude remind us of the significance of spending precious moments with our loved ones and family. However, for Jonathan Owens, the NFL husband of gymnastics queen Simone Biles, this wasn’t the case in his earlier years.

Opening up about his difficult childhood in a recent update, the Green Bay Packers safety made a noble gesture amid the Thanksgiving festivities.
In Jonathan Owens’ most recent Instagram update, he was seen at the Boys and Girls Club in Green Bay. The video captured the rugged NFL hunk’s soft side as he cuddled a little baby, signed autographs, posed and interacted with fans, and even gave away turkeys to families. He shared in his video, “It was a pretty big thing for me to come here and just give back to the families because I was once a Boys and Girls Club kid, so I just know how important it is, you know, to come in and give back, especially during the holidays.”
The Boys and Girls Club Foundation has helped countless children. It is a national nonprofit organization that provides a safe environment for young people to develop and also provides after-school programs for youth to learn and grow. What also stood out in the video was J. Owens’ revelation of a difficult past, as he shared, “It’s always important to me to give back because I wasn’t one of the most fortunate kids growing up either”. He was one of those downtrodden kids in his childhood.
In 2022, Owens, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, held the first turkey giveaway, bringing holiday joy to countless families. He also took to Instagram and shared a glimpse of the successful and noble event organized by his foundation. Reflecting on his past struggles, he wrote in his caption, “It was a blessing to be able to help families in need and put smiles on their faces. I wasn’t able to be with my mom for the holidays, so it really meant a lot to me to be able to create lasting memories for them and give back.”
Simone Biles, who was his fiancé then,was proud of her man and expressed in the comments, “The sweetest guy in town.” Last year, Jonathan Owens made a promise that he would continue this holiday goodwill in the future.

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