“Leave Me Alone”: American Rapper Instantly Regrets Calling Out Gervonta Davis for a Fight

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It’s been a while since the powerful jabs of Gervonta Davis echoed in a boxing arena. But now, with the closure of the year, the chances of his venturing into the ring remain far on the horizon for early 2024. In this light, updates have come in that Davis would not mind fighting against Rapper HoneyKomb Brazy. However, the latter seems to want to escape the offer.

Davis was last seen in the ring against Ryan Garcia in April this year. ‘Tank’ won against Garcia through an impressive technical knockout. However, Tank was embroiled in legal entanglements stemming from his November 2020 car crash. And now, months later, as he prepares for his comeback in the ring, he’s asking to fight Brazy. The latter, however, seems reluctant to do so.
Mostly in jest, Davis messaged the rapper, saying, “Ion no fight coming up so we can do it asap.” But who would want to go against Tank? Especially a rapper like Brazy who’s not trained enough to fight such a massive opponent. In response, the rapper posted a screengrab of their banter. He wrote, “Man yall tell tank leave me alone fr…I was just talking shh fr I be betting on you every time I respect yo gangsta.”
It all started when Tank sent a shout-out to Brazy on his Instagram stories. The 28-year-old fighter wrote, “We can catch the one no gloves on.” In response to Davis’ call for a fight with no gloves, the rapper wrote, “When you want to do it I’m really like that I’m not dodging no smoke @gervontaa real prison baby” The rapper has recently released his new song titled, “Letter to God.” The release has been garnering good responses from his well-wishers. Meanwhile, there is serious drama brewing on the Ryan Garcia-Gervonta Davis front.
In a recent conversation with Fight Hub TV, Ry furthered his desperation to get his rematch against Tank. The fighter suggested that he’d be ready to fight and defeat Teofimo Lopez and Devin Haney just to reach Tank again. Ry also sought the rematch at a heavier weight than his initial April fight. He remarked, “I’m way better than that, and I’m better than him. I don’t care if he beat me, I’m better than him. Give me my rematch and I’ll beat him. Im going to build myself up again… If I’ve gotta go through a Teofimo Lopez or a Devin Haney to get that, then I’m gonna do it.”

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