“She’s One of Us”: LH Army Rallies Behind Serena Williams as She Refutes Toto Wolff’s Hot Take on Lewis Hamilton

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We mostly recognize power couples in the world. However, Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams have showcased a side of power friends from time and again. The two have showcased support for each other on many occasions both with actions and with words. The retired tennis legend showcased this undying and unwavering support for Hamilton once again. In fact, on this occasion, she did so by refuting the hot take of Mercedes boss Toto Wolff.

Not only did Serena Williams refute the Mercedes boss but she also one-upped on his claim. The American spoke her mind but also practiced calm right after making her claim on the ESPN F1’s Instagram post. The post highlighted Toto Wolff‘s hot take on what motivated him in F1.

He said, “I have a personal anger and drive to make him win the eighth title because he should have had it.” On the post highlighting this comment from Wolff. Williams commented, “He should have had 9 already. But …. Lemme be quiet.”

Now we know there is only one possible title Hamilton could’ve won during their friendship which was the 2016 title. Now, everyone is privy to their opinion on any matter of the world. For Serena Williams, the 2016 championship probably could’ve gone the Briton’s way as well and that’s her opinion.

However, clearly, this opinion from Williams who backs her friend enough to try and get into business with him got the backing of the LH army.

Fans back Serena Williams after she one-ups Toto Wolff in favor of Lewis Hamilton

Now this comment is going viral on X (erstwhile Twitter) and the LH army can’t help but celebrate the tennis star. A few fans have declared this comment from the American, who was part of the LH army for a long time, gives her cult status.

A few fans agreed with her and even gave us two examples of where Hamilton could’ve easily won a championship.

There have been multiple seasons when Hamilton narrowly missed out on the championship. Barring the infamous 2021 fiasco & the 2016 close battle with Nico Rosberg, 2007 was also a near-miss for the 38-year-old.

The Briton’s debut year 2007 could have easily been a world title-winning one. While he was with McLaren back then, it backs up Williams’ 9 titles claim on the what-ifs of Hamilton’s championship cabinet.

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