‘3 Cleat Chasers,’: An Unprecedented Tiger Woods Mount Rushmore Gets Massive Backlash Amid His Comeback Excitement

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On and off the greens, the golf world lately has been seeing a lot of new events unfold, and, yet again, the golfing legend Tiger Woods is caught in the middle of it. Woods’ return to the greens and the news about TGL postponement have hit the headlines teeth-first, and, less to say, all eyes are now set on the golfer. Amid these changes, a new, unprecedented Mount Rushmore update has caused some chaos.

In a recent series of teeing events, Woods was featured in one of the golf world’s controversial podcasts with other big golf personalities. The content is yet to be seen, but even before the actual footage is released, the picture Woods shares with the others has the fans caught up in a frenzy.

Big news updates: accounts from the world of golf recently posted a shot of Tiger Woods in Florida with Foreplay Barstool podcast crew Riggs Bozoian, Trent Ryan, and Frankie Borelli. NUCLR GOLF uploaded the picture on their X handle, and in the photograph, Woods is seen standing in the middle with the hosts on both sides.

The tweet compared the four personalities to the Mount Rushmore faces. It read: ⛳️🗿⛰️ Is this golf’s new Mount Rushmore? @BarstoolTrent @RiggsBarstool @TigerWoods @FrankieBorrelli.

As per @twspot on Instagram, the four gathered filming content for the Foreplay podcast and at the TaylorMade athlete shoot in Florida. Seeing that the golfer is returning to the greens soon and all that has been happening with his brainchild lately, of course, the conversation would have taken multiple turns, and so the anticipation in the golf world is high.

Seeing Woods all prepared for his comeback, as expected, fans have reacted to the happenings. Here is a glimpse at what some think about this picture and Woods’ return.

Fans’ reactions to seeing Woods being compared to the Mount Rushmore personalities have been mixed. A fan’s comment expressed an overall positive sentiment toward a group but singled out Riggs Bozoian with a negative opinion, describing him as a “fruitcake” and suggesting that he is detrimental to golf. The user said, “They’re cool. Except for Riggs. That dude is a fruit cake and just bad for the game.”

Another fan conveyed strong disapproval about this coming-together event and labeled it the worst occurrence within the last 4 years. The netizen stated, “This is the worst thing that’s happened in the last 4 years.” 

A user lightened the tone of the harsh comment section on Instagram and, in a sarcastic tone, made a statement about Frankie Borelli, suggesting that because in the picture he is standing on Woods’ right side, he now won’t be washing the right side of his body. “Frank is never washing the right side of his body ever again,” the fan remarked.

The Twitter comment section painted a grandiose picture of refutes. A comment expressed surprise at the rapid posting activity of “Frank the Tank” and Fore Play.

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