“These Lil Sh*ts”: Frustrated Simone Biles Struggles With Being Single Parent to Fur-Babies in Recent Bitter-Sweet Update

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Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens are pet parents to three adorable fur babies. The gymnastics queen owns two French bulldogs named Lilo and Rambo, and her husband has another French bulldog named Zeus. While Biles and Owens are a match made in heaven, the same can’t be said for their pets.

As the NFL safety, Owens is busy with the Green Bay Packers; his Olympian wife, miles away, seems to be struggling with the four-legged companions and their strange behaviors. She even took to social media to vent her frustrations, saying she was thinking of rehoming them. And now Biles has once again posted another bittersweet update.

Simone Biles shared a surprising update with her 7.1 million fans just days after her two male dogs, Zeus and Rambo, had been at odds, prompting a desperate cry for help from Biles. However, in a recent Instagram story with a heartwarming twist, the duo was spotted sitting side by side on a cozy dog bed, staring directly into the camera, in a picture shared by Biles. Her caption read, “And I love these lil sh*ts more than anything!!!!! If you know me my dogs are hella spoiled…. & I’m OBSESSED with my fur babies buuttttt”

The most decorated gymnast continued to share, “This has been going on for a year now…… ugh”. Rambo and Zeus, both male dogs, have been engaged in an ongoing struggle for dominance. This has wreaked havoc on Biles’s life. In a desperate cry for help moments before the cute update, she shared that the situation is so challenging that she is contemplating a decision as difficult as considering rehoming them.

Just days ago, Simone Biles disclosed that Zeus and Rambo, in an attempt to claim their dominance over each other, have been in pee wars, marking their territories in and around her home. Frustrated and seemingly out of options, she turned to her Instagram audience, posting a choose-an-option poll on her stories. One option pleaded, “Keep trying…” while the other suggested “Re-home them.” with a broken heart emoji.

Biles expressed her exasperation, stating, “I’m at my WITS END with these boys… I don’t know what to do anymore to stop them from having dominance PEE wars in the house… We’ve tried sprays, diapers, obedience training, anything you can think of we’ve tried it…. It’s gotten so bad that they started peeing on the concrete outside to mark…”

Biles contemplated the necessity of separating them, admitting, “I’m starting to think they need to be separated—home-wise. They started fighting too now. Over toys and space. I’m lost, but I can’t do it anymore. HELP? Do we give them away?????? They literally pee on ANYTHING….” That wasn’t the end of her woes.  She shared her apprehensions about the problem persisting into the next year as she and her husband prepare to move into their dream home, currently under construction in Houston, Texas. Biles explained that this “means new places to mark. They’re so cute but SO BAD TOGETHER”.

Biles and Owens adore their fur babies, and it is evident as they consistently share heartwarming updates about these adorable munchkins. Despite this affection, the recent developments have left the gymnastics queen visibly frustrated.








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