Starstruck by His Presence, Peso Pluma Gets a Special Shout Out from Mike Tyson At Billboard Music Awards

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At the 2023 Billboard Music Awards, Peso Pluma, already a champion in his own right, delivered an outstanding performance with his swaggy corrido “Rubicon.” The Mexican sensation, hailed as the biggest star in Mexican music today, at just 24 years old, graced the stage, or rather, a boxing ring, alongside none other than heavyweight legend Mike Tyson, whose robe boasted the bold declaration “the best ever.

With cheers from his devoted superfans, Peso Pluma entered the ring and performed the track from his groundbreaking album Génesis. The performance not only featured Tyson but also incorporated the musical prowess of Peso Pluma’s seven-piece band. Not only this, Tyson presented the award to the artist and also posted the pictures with him on social media.
In a recent post on X, Mike Tyson gave a special shoutout to the Mexican pop star just before the airing of the Billboard Music Awards. Now, this was a surprise to a lot of fans as nobody expected this duo to meet up with each other and share photos. Besides the fans, even Peso Pluma felt that this was too surreal that Tyson would be joining him on the stage.
In an interview before his performance at BBMA, Pluma stated, “It’s amazing. It’s another dream come true. I’ve been watching him all my life and he is an inspiration and a motivation for me to keep going and to do whatever I like, you know?” He was quite excited to have ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ by his side.
Not only this, Tyson even presented the award to Pluma, which made the BBMA event even more memorable than ever. The audience at the ceremony were on their feet as Tyson honored the artistry of the young Mexican sensation.

Following his remarkable performance, Peso Pluma, whose real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, received the prestigious top Latin song award for his collaboration with Eslabon Armado on the global hit “Ella Baila Sola.” This track achieved a historic milestone earlier this year by becoming the first regional Mexican song to break into the top five on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 chart.

As he accepted the award, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson lauded Peso Pluma as the “people’s champion” before handing him the well-deserved recognition. In his acceptance speech, delivered in English, Peso expressed his gratitude, he said, “Thank you everyone. Thanks, Mr. Tyson, for being here. Thank you to all the fans, thank you for all the love and the support. And I’d like to thank the Billboard Awards for having me here. Thank you very much.

The moment marked a significant acknowledgment of Peso Pluma’s impact on the Latin music scene and his groundbreaking achievement in reaching new heights on the mainstream music charts. Moreover, now he has the support of  ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ as well.

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