Serena Williams Keeps Fans Hopes Intact as She Hits the Court Out of the Blue With Sister Venus Williams

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The iconic sister duo of the Williams sisters is a treat to watch on court for everyone. It has been a while since both sisters have played with each other or against each other professionally on the court. After Serena Williams‘ retirement last year, fans might have given up on seeing the iconic sisters take to the court together. But today, this changed, as a video surfaced on the internet where the two sisters, Venus and Serena, played their hearts out against each other in a friendly practice session.

Tennis fans have always been holding a smidgen of hope of seeing Serena Williams making a comeback to professional tennis. They always have expressed how they want to see her play more since Venus Williams, despite being the elder one, has not retired yet. It can be safely assumed that her ardent fans are definitely not over Serena’s retirement.

Now, with the video that Serena Williams posted, the hope for her comeback has definitely increased even more. She posted a video on her TikTok which was reposted by an Instagram fan page of hers. In the video, both sisters can be seen playing a friendly match against one another. They stretch right before starting the game and hit a few shots, rekindling their iconic rivalry on the court.

Serena Williams during the video also comes close to the camera to show how her racquet is dated 2022, the year she evolved away from tennis. And this is what makes the whole moment even more iconic. This also reminds us of the last match the sisters played together.

After the video was shared on social media, in which Serena showed the racquet from last year, it certainly reminded everyone of the last match they played together. It was at the US Open in 2022. The Williams sisters played against Linda Noskova and Lucie Hradecka in the first round of the doubles event in Flushing Meadows, New York.

Even though they lost the match, it was still iconic as it was certain that they would not be playing like this together for a long time now, as Serena was about to retire. Now that the sisters have again taken to the court together, is there a chance we could see the iconic sister duo on the professional tour again? Although it is a distant possibility, given Serena’s commitment to her family, her die-hard fans would certainly keep their hopes high.

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