“It Can’t Be Fake or Rehearsed”: After Announcing Rematch With Former New York Don’s Grandson, Floyd Mayweather Opened Up About Last Fight Chaos

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After Curmel Moton, the protege of Floyd Mayweather successfully made his pro debut against Ezequiel Flores in September, ‘TBE’ revealed he was planning to stage yet another exhibition fight soon. In addition, although he did not mention a date or an opponent, Mayweather teased the media enough by suggesting that Moton would likely return on the undercard of his exhibition.

Recently, the 50-0 boxer, who has lately been squaring off against hand-picked fighters, revealed that he had “unfinished business” with his last opponent John Gotti III. Additionally, he soon released a poster of his rematch with the member of the Gambino crime family. In this context, as Fight Hype interviewed ‘TBE’ about his upcoming bout, ‘Money’ meditated on the circus that occurred after his victory over Gotti III in their last fight.
When Mayweather and Gotti III stepped inside the ring in June, ‘TBE’ had his opponent completely out-skilled. Despite being the shorter fighter, Mayweather landed sharp hooks and straight hands to the body with speed. In addition, by continuously changing levels and landing combinations, ‘TBE’ kept the fight far from the reach of John’s understanding. However, after the referee stopped the contest in Mayweather’s favor, frustrated John started wildly swinging at the former, leading to a brawl.
Speaking of it in his latest interview, Mayweather said, “It was kind of crazy. A lot of people on social media were saying this was fake, that it was scripted. Absolutely not true. You see, there were fights all around the arena. So, when something like that happens, it can’t be fake or rehearsed.”
Since despite losing the fight, Gotti III did not get over ‘TBE’, Mayweather announced there was unfinished business between the two. Likewise, taking to Instagram, he revealed a rematch that would happen during the Super Bowl Weekend in Las Vegas.
Although Mayweather revealed a poster for the rematch with Gotti III, he has yet to reveal more details. Besides the actual date of the fight, we don’t know about the undercard of the event. In addition, even though we know the fight will take place in Las Vegas, we don’t know about the exact venue. But, as ‘Money’ said, “Kicking off Super Bowl Weekend- Unfinished Business. See you in Las Vegas. More details Soon!!

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