“Just Went in There and Tried to Get a Payday “: Terence Crawford Remains Brutally Honest on Jermall Charlo’s “Mindset” During Fight Against Canelo Alvarez

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Everyone remembers the disaster that was the Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo fight. The Mexican Superstar taught ‘Mell’ an important boxing lesson. Charlo did not just lose the fight but also lost his reputation in the eyes of the boxing world. While everyone expressed their contempt for Charlo’s lackluster performance, one voice echoed the loudest. Right after the fight concluded, Terence Crawford openly expressed his dissatisfaction.

What’s more, his opinion about Charlo has not changed. Before the fight, Charlo did not hold back as he sang songs of valor, claiming he would put an end to Canelo’s reign. However, when it was time for him to prove his superiority, Charlo fell short, welcoming criticism from the likes of ‘Bud’ Crawford.
While appearing in an interview with Fight Hub TV, Crawford began by suggesting Charlo’s performance was subpar because he had to climb weight classes. “Charlo didn’t put up a good fight given that he was going up two weight classes,” ‘Bud’ told Fight Hub TV. He went on to assert that people felt Canelo dominated Charlo during the fight. “A lot of people felt as if Canelo was a bully in that fight,” said Charlo.

Before Canelo brutally dismantled Charlo in their last fight, Charlo was a big deal both among fans and potential opponents. One of those opponents was Terence Crawford, who had foreseen a clash with Charlo. However, all that changed after the fight, so he turned to X to share his reaction right after the fight.

Crawford asserted that he no longer desires a showdown with ‘Mell’ Charlo. “Ok, y’all. I’m over @TwinCharlo. He’s no longer on my hit list,” wrote ‘Bud.’ What’s more, Crawford wasn’t done – he went on to insult Charlo’s subpar performance. “He went out there and laid down and let Canelo spank him like he was his daddy with no type of resistance.”

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