Jaron Ennis Still Wants to Fight Terence Crawford Despite IBF Title Fiasco

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Terence Crawford is no longer the unified champion in the welterweight division. He lost his IBF title to Jaron Ennis after he failed to undertake Ennis’ mandatory challenge. The development comes as ‘Bud’ prepares for his second chapter in the long-going story of his rematch against Errol Spence Jr. Despite being the IBF champion in the welterweight class now, Ennis remains keen to take on Bud. His reasoning? The yearning of a fighter to prove his worth for the title he holds.

‘Boots’ Ennis has declared that he is very much interested in taking his fight against Bud. He wants to prove to the world that he does deserve the IBF title he received from Crawford. However, before he does so, he will probably get to prove his mettle against Mario Barrios. The fight remains in the conception stage, and no details on this front have emerged. But once the Barrios fight is done, Boots will indeed get a chance to fight against him.

Speaking about why he wants to fight Crawford, Ennis in a conversation with YSM Sports Media said, “It’s not the way that we wanted to you know get the belt. We rather take the belt from somebody you know, its better, you know, it’ll feel better, when you take it from somebody, but like I said, at the end day, IBF abided by the rules or whatever you know? It was out of my hands, you know?”

Boots was last seen against Roiman Villa in July this year for the Interim Welterweight status. After having won through a knockout at the Atlantis City fight, there remained questions as to whom he would clash against. But then came a fight that disrupted the entire progression of the weight class.

A much-anticipated Bud vs. The Truth rematch is still in the making

It cannot be disputed that 2023 has been the year for the welterweight class. One of the most watched fights of the year took its course in this weight class. Terence Crawford entered a historic unification fight against ‘The Truth’ Spence Jr. At the end of fight night, Crawford went home as the unified, undisputed champion of the weight class.

After having lost through a 9th-round knockout, Spence Jr. immediately invoked the rematch clause from their contract. While he hoped that the fight would take place in a heavier-weight class, Bud pushed for it to take its course at 147. According to the contract, the winner gets to decide the weight class for the clash.

While December might see the second clash take its course, no formal clarification on this front has been made. The fight between the two pound-for-pound fighters has triggered a sense of urgency in the weight class. All fighters are pushing hard to get their fight against Bud, an opportunity that could offer them a chance at the unified titles.

With Ennis’ new status as the IBF champion, a clash between the two becomes quite inevitable. And once Crawford vs. Spence Jr. rematch settles, a plethora of high-profile fights await their destiny.


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