Illustrious Serena Williams’ Move Reaches the ATP Tour as Novak Djokovic Brings Out His Goofy Self to Nail Quirky Act to Perfection

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The season-ending Nitto ATP Finals has started with all the hustle and bustle. Tennis fans are fixated to watch the first match between the two top-seeded players, Novak Djokovic, and Holger Rune. And of course, they can’t wait for the results to be out soon. However, there are other things that are coming up around the players that have caught our attention.

One of the highlights of the pre-tournament events was Novak Djokovic doing a twirl. And not just any twirl, for it referenced a very famous twirl that involved imitating Serena Williams. The Djoker – who is known for his excellent attempts at mimicry – won over netizens this time too!
Right before Djokovic’s match, when all the top 8 players arrived at the venue of the tournament, they were met with a lot of interviews. One of them involved a guessing game where a female interviewer was performing a twirl and the players had to guess who it was. One of the players guessing was Novak Djokovic.
At first, he wasn’t able to guess the player. But then, when he finally caught up, he guessed it correctly. He mentioned, “I know. Serena does it.” But he did not stop there. He went ahead and performed the same twirl that Williams did during the interview.
In fact, he also corrected the lady who was doing the twirl for the guessing game. He said that she was doing it wrong and then he did the twirl in the correct way. This definitely caught a lot of attention from his fans and they could not stop themselves from reacting to his post. Here are some of the most hilarious and fun reactions we found.

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