“Keeping Calling Tank for…”: Devin Haney Hits Back at Regis Prograis’s Conditioning Coach for Roping in Gervonta Davis While Sending Warning Ahead of their December 9 Fight

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In the fiery world of boxing, verbal sparring often precedes the punches thrown in the ring. The latest exchange of heated words comes from Regis Prograis’ fitness coach, Evins Tobler, and Devin Haney, adding fuel to the anticipation of their upcoming clash. As the tension rises, Tobler takes a daring jab at Haney, suggesting that Gervonta Davis might be called in for backup.

The verbal duel unfolded on social media, with Tobler not holding back in his choice of words. Referring to Devin Haney’s physique, Tobler quipped about a potential deflation on December 9th, challenging the authenticity of Haney’s strength and his move to super lightweight.

Tobler’s attempt to rattle Haney didn’t pan out as they thought it would. The coach referenced Tank’s name while writing, “Don’t make me call that yellow gorilla. Mr Tank Killer Davis on yo ballooned up ass all that fake air will get popped on December 9th son right back down to your original size witch is weak and fragile.” The mention of Gervonta Davis as a backup plan added a layer of intrigue to the upcoming match, promising fans a spectacle beyond the boxing moves.

Devin Haney, however, swiftly countered Tobler’s taunts. Haney addressed Tobler’s reliance on Gervonta Davis, insinuating a lack of faith in his own abilities. The use of phrases like “U must not believe in him” adds a touch of irony, subtly questioning Tobler’s confidence in his chosen fighter. Hitting out at the coach, Haney wrote, “U keeping calling on tank for back up.. I’m fighting your fighter Jigalo… u must not believe n him.”

They have recently feuded as well. Haney has called Tobler a “Jigalo” once on a previous occasion. Moreover, it seems like it is a go-to insult for the pugilist.

Haney vs Tobler: A Recap of an ongoing feud

Devin Haney, in a heated response, disclosed a prior encounter with Tobler by sharing DM screenshots where Tobler proposed to assist him with fitness, akin to his approach with Prograis. Subsequently, Haney retaliated by posting a compromising image of Tobler. He labeled him a Gig*lo, accompanied by a sarcastic comment about Tobler’s previous interest in training him.

This exchange, stemming from a simple dismissal, quickly escalated into a widespread online feud, captivating fans. Tobler’s rant appears to have earned him a place on Haney’s growing list of rivals. Furthermore, this showcases Haney’s knack for accumulating feuds and keeping his followers eagerly anticipating the next developments.

As fight night approaches, fans are left eagerly anticipating the clash between these two warriors. The banter between Tobler and Haney has elevated the stakes. Moreover, it turned what could have been a routine matchup into a personal and emotionally charged contest. The mention of Gervonta Davis as a potential backup adds an element of unpredictability. Undoubtedly it leaves fans wondering if there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

The countdown to December 9th has begun, and with each passing day, the anticipation grows. Fueled by the verbal volleys exchanged between these two fighters. Brace yourselves for a showdown that promises not only physical prowess but also a battle of wits inside and outside the ring.

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