Woman of the Night at CFDA Fashion Awards, Serena Williams Remembers Two People That Paved the Way for Her to Dream Big

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Serena Williams did not come from a rich background. However, she and her sister, Venus Williams, did not feel deprived of opportunities. Their parents, Richard Williams and Oracene Price, made sure that the two girls would have whatever they needed to succeed. Realizing the importance of getting an opportunity, Williams has also focused on making sure many others around the world would not have to feel that they lack the chance to become something. She elaborated on this thought as she received an honor at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

Williams, along with her family, has taken part in many philanthropic events. Coming from poverty themselves, they want to ensure that they can help those who come from a similar background as theirs.

The Queen of the Court has attained immense success from the moment she became a player. She has earned a lot from her tennis exploits and her off-court ventures. Throughout her career, she has put whatever she has earned to good use as she aims to uplift those who have been dealt a cruel hand by life. On the red carpet and on her way to receiving the CFDA Fashion Icon award, Williams talked about why she works on helping others.

She said, “You know, if I never had an opportunity, then what would’ve happened to me. My parents gave me that opportunity. So sometimes it can be your parents or someone you look up to.”

The 23-time Grand Slam champion is one of the richest affluent in the world. Like many, she also aims to make sure those who are troubled will receive the appropriate help they need. One can see her drive for such activities as she often takes part in them, along with her sister, Venus Williams.

Charity ventures of the Williams sisters

If one were to try and track all charitable ventures of the Williams sisters, they would find themselves scrolling on the internet for hours on end, reading each one. They are often seen giving back to society. One of their recent ventures was done in honor of their late sister, Yetunde Price. Just a few months before her death anniversary, a showcase of American artist Ernie Barnes was held in order to raise money for the Yetunde Price Resource Center.

The resource center works with certified partners to offer trauma-informed programs that offer individual and community-wide healing. Along with this program, they have also made individual efforts to help those in need. Venus restored tennis courts with Lacoste in the New York Bronx, and Serena aims to help the minority with her venture capital business.


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