“Homeless Dude Is More Happy to See Mike Than the Money”: Mike Tyson Receives Heaps of Praises as Kind Act From Past Makes Its Way on the Internet to Melt Fans’ Hearts

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An old photo of Mike Tyson handing over money to a homeless person has been doing the rounds on social media. Over seventeen thousand people have already liked and commented on the post that Boxing Professional Worldwide TV shared through its Facebook page. The usual doubters were there among those who wrote. But the former Heavyweight champion’s act of generosity simply swept the rest off their feet.

The years following his professional debut saw Mike Tyson strike rich with some of the biggest bouts of the day. At one point in time, his personal wealth crossed over $400 million. However, by 2003, suffering a change of fortune, he had to declare himself bankrupt. It’s been over eighteen years since he retired from professional boxing. But he has built a formidable reputation as an entrepreneur and seems to have gradually made it back to a life of reasonable wealth and comfort.

The following user highlighted how when Mike Tyson gave him some money, the homeless person appeared so excited to have come across the boxing legend than to receive it: “The homeless dude is more happy to see Mike [than] the money, lol. Mike is [a] walking legend, bruh.” To the next user, the greatness of the youngest Heavyweight champion was demonstrated by the ease with which he gave away his money: “The distribution and simplicity with which he does it speak volumes about the great man he is!!!

To the following fan, a person would have to make a special effort if he ever wanted to dislike Mike Tyson: “One would, at this point, have to go out of their way to dislike Mike.” For the next fan, Tyson had always been a champion in the ring. But off it, he has amply shown that he’s always been a kind human being: “Champion in the ring, and now showing he’s always been a humble man.

The following user pointed out that there was no security detail or support staff surrounding Mike Tyson. It was just him, leading an ordinary existence like the rest: “No body guards, no entourage. Just Mike living his life.

It will not be the first time, though fans might have come across a photo of Mike Tyson giving some money to the homeless. One of the pictures pertains to 1991 when he was in his prime!

Mike Tyson now seems to have taken on his new role as a trainer with gusto and elan. His assignment with Francis Ngannou has undoubtedly paid off well beyond doubt. It was during the early weeks of August that fans learned about him joining ‘The Predator’s training camp. Together with Dewey Cooper, Ngannou’s long-time kickboxing trainer, the trio almost created history last Saturday.

The former UFC Heavyweight champion made his pro-boxing debut against the Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. He not only stunned the latter but also the world by sending him down to the canvas in round 3. Fury got up and fought back. But he just managed enough to secure a split-decision victory. Many voices claimed that it was Francis Ngannou who won the match. Anyhow, with the win, the stakes for Mike Tyson have already risen. It remains to be seen whether he joins any other boxer or aspirants. But whatever the case may be, the person will learn a hell of a lot from one of boxing’s foremost experts.


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