Revisiting One of Coco Gauff’s Toughest Phases, Lindsay Davenport Voices the Negative Thoughts That Clouded Her Mind – ’Hope This Doesn’t Happen’

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Year-end exhaustion is an issue all players have to face, irrespective of the sport. Constantly traveling for tournaments and playing every week with training on top is bound to empty the tanks of players. With many tournaments throughout the year, players learn to manage their schedules. Coco Gauff is one of them, and she changed her schedule to keep her energy up till the WTA Finals. Before, though, Gauff looked exhausted often. Lindsay Davenport, one of her biggest supporters, revisited that time.

Despite making sure she was fit for the Finals in Cancun, Gauff will still be missing out on another iconic tournament. The Billie Jean King Cup, this year, will not feature the US Open champion. But she is continuing her run in the Finals to soften the blow.

Lindsay Davenport, a three-time Grand Slam champion, recently appeared on the Tennis Channel Inside-in podcast. She talked about Coco Gauff and praised her for her efforts since she won the US Open. She gave the example of her 2022 season, where she played every tournament leading up to the Finals and ended up exhausting herself. Davenport further said that the 19-year-old did not look happy back then.

And I remember watching her in Fort Worth. And I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh, I hope we don’t lose her.” You know, I hope like overplaying and all the expectations and all these things on such an amazing talent. Listen, we’ve seen it a lot in women’s tennis. And I remember thinking, “Gosh, I hope this doesn’t happen.” And an amazing job by her team, her family this year in kind of getting rid of that you’re exhausted at the end of the year.”

The way Gauff managed to recover has made Davenport happy, and the former player is glad to see her still competing. But despite Gauff being fit for the Finals, she is bound to miss out on the Billie Jean King Cup.

Gauff’s withdrawal from the BJK Cup

The BJK Cup is akin to the Davis Cup in women’s tennis. Players make teams according to their nationalities who then play against each other to make sure they lift the big prize. The tournament often features some of the biggest players in their country. However, Gauff, the current American number 1, will be missing out on the final rounds of the cup.

She played in the earlier matches of the BJK Cup. But after an injury in the China Open, Gauff will conclude her 2023 season in the WTA Finals. After the tournament ends on 5th November, we will see the American sensation take a well-deserved break from the hectic schedule.

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