Brooke Henderson Puts Aside the Trendy Halloween Vibes to ‘Stand Up’ for a Larger Than Life Cause

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Halloween has been one of the most famous festivals in the world since long ago. The people would go around in costumes and light bonfires to celebrate it. The same was the case with many celebrities and athletes, like Paige Spiranac. However, a certain LPGA star commemorated the same a bit differently this time, none other than Brooke Henderson

Henderson decided to put away the usual form of celebration. However, she was not spotted idle during the same time as the golfer went ahead to win the hearts of her fans and followers in the sports community, promoting a massive cause no less!

A famous name in the golfing world, the professional has been very successful on the LPGA Tour. However, the golfer did not follow the usual holiday trends despite being a star, as she went ahead to post an update to her social media handle supporting a moral cause.

A story was shared on the Instagram handle of the 26-year-old as she took up the chance to express her support for people suffering from cancer. The 13-time LPGA Tour winner uploaded a picture of herself donning a white dress sporting the logos of the official sponsors of the Canadian Open and MasterCard.

The golfer put up the snap with the caption “I stand up for Family” as she conveyed her support for the just cause. The professional had suffered the loss of a dear one to the dreaded illness in the form of her grandfather, who passed away in 2018.

Well, it makes sense when the LPGA icon took up the opportunity to not engage in the ‘festival of the dead,’ but instead chose to stand up for a bigger cause.

The unexpected demise of her grandfather, Robert Moir, had affected the then-20-year-old a lot. The young athlete was, at the time of her beloved granddad’s death, playing in the 2018 U.S. Women’s Open in Alabama.

The 2X major winner went ahead to withdraw from the tournament after a first-round score of 73 (+1) to fly back to Ottawa. She was accompanied by her sister, Brittany Henderson, who was caddying for the professional during the event.

Any person who is fighting the illness known as cancer is worthy of support and love. And that is exactly what the Canadian went ahead to show as she took to her social media handle, an act that deserves nothing short of respect.








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