Hours After Her Forgettable Golf Experience, Paige Spiranac Announces a Positive ‘Update’

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Paige Spiranac is the ‘OG Golf girl’ and she says so in her Instagram bio too. Though she may have closed the chapter of her active golf career, she didn’t give up on playing the game for her satisfaction. Now and then, she hits the green to improve her skills.

But sometimes even the golf diva ends up having bad experiences on the green. Yesterday, after having a horrible experience on the course, Spiranac did not lose courage and revisited the greens today.

Paige Spiranac grew up as a gymnast and it was in her teenage year that she developed an interest in golf. To pursue this new dream she moved to a new state with her mother and worked hard. Though she never achieved the dream of playing in the LPGA, her ties with golf are stronger than ever. As a golf influencer, she has created a successful career. Spiranac continues to informally play golf for pleasure.

Yesterday, she went to practice her game but had an unpleasant experience. Sharing how her day went with her fans, Paige tweeted her disappointment, “I had one of those rounds of golf today that makes me simultaneously hate the game but also makes me want to obsess about it 24/7 until I fix it. Gotta love it. That’s why we continue to play this maddening game lol.”

But the very next day, the game showed her kindness and she had a good session. Taking to Twitter once again, Spiranac updated that today they played a total of 18 holes and enjoyed it thoroughly. “Update. Played 18 this morning. I love golf again” Bad experiences evidently can’t keep Spiranac away from her favorite sport for long.

Despite her personal ups and downs in the game, Paige continues to spread awareness about golf and also helps young minds understand it.

As an influencer, Spiranac hosts short clips called Just The Tip on TikTok where she offers quick insights about golf techniques. In her recent video, she explains how to hit a ball when it’s in the rough. Her tutorial was a big hit among her fans who appreciated her efforts. She was wearing a grey dress in the video in which she was looking like a superhero.


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