Floyd Mayweather Vs Mikey Garcia On December 9?

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Just when we thought the world of boxing had lost its last shimmer of sensibility, the rumor mill is churning out what might be the most questionable, eyebrow-raising, and utterly entertaining fight of the year. According to Araham Gonzalez of ProBoxTV, Floyd Mayweather might just be stepping into the ring against none other than…wait for it…Mikey Garcia! I can’t decide if this is a joke or a late Christmas present. Oh, and get this: on the same card, Keith Thurman thinks it’s a good idea to fight Danny Garcia again, but up at 154lbs. Can we say, “Rerun”?

Firstly, let’s talk about Mayweather. Is there a retirement home for boxers that he doesn’t know about? Seriously, Floyd must be feeling like the ‘Money’ nickname is slipping, because why else would he keep coming back for these snooze-fest extravaganzas? If he’s hoping to relive his glory days, someone should remind him that those days are as far gone as low-rise jeans and flip phones. And then, there’s Mikey Garcia. Mikey, Mikey, Mikey… where do we even start? The man hung up his gloves, seemingly tired of throwing punches, and now he’s what, bored of retirement? He’s the guy who shows up at parties when everyone’s already gone home. But sure, let’s all pretend we’re thrilled to see him make a ‘comeback’ against Mayweather. It’s like pairing a washed-up pop star with a one-hit-wonder for a duet nobody asked for.

Look, we all know Mikey’s never been one to turn down a dollar bill, so the prospect of this fight is, well, unsurprising. And bless his heart, he’s been keeping busy, making appearances on shows and being a regular at his brother Robert’s gym.

Keith Thurman vs. Danny Garcia is also on the menu. Again. Because the first fight left us all sooo wanting more, right? Wrong. These two deciding to fight again is like expecting a burnt cake to taste better the second time you bake it. Spoiler: it doesn’t. Showtime Boxing is pulling the curtains with Mayweather, the same man who once skyrocketed their ratings. The legend that elevated Showtime Boxing to great heights is apparently going to give them a lovably slapdash send-off. Yep, Showtime Boxing’s curtain call is on the horizon. The news has been circulating that Showtime Boxing will bow out by 2024, making room for other players in the boxing division. Word on the street is Amazon and DAZN are keen to partner up with Premier Boxing Champions.

I must say, if Mayweather Jr. is indeed sealing Showtime Boxing’s legacy on December 9th, it might just be the comedic cherry on top for a company that’s been boxing strong for over three decades.

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