LeBron James goes on the attack to defend his son Bronny from critics

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LeBron James comes in for constant praise and also criticism around his basketball career, and he usually handles any takes about his play by shrugging them off.

However, he is not going to remain silent when it comes to his family, as he will fight for his son Bronny when the same voices target the youngster.

It is no wonder that LeBron feels particularly protective of Bronny right now given he is still working his way back from suffering a cardiac arrest earlier in 2023.

It is not yet clear when he will be back in USC Basketball action, but it will certainly be the aim.

What is the criticism of Bronny James?

It seems that many critics have been saying that Bronny does not have the same athleticism as LeBron did at the same age.

However, some others believe that he actually is showing signs of being just as good, given he is competing well with a smaller frame.

This led to LeBron James quoting a tweet which discussed this very idea.

“To say Bronny is just as athletic or if not more than Bron was at his age isn’t wild, as he’s doing this at 6’2 not 6’8,” one user explained.

LeBron then quoted that post, going on the offensive to defend his son’s play.

“Exactly, he’s definitely just as if not right there at his age,” the LA Lakers player said.

“The casuals just like to argue about s**t they literally don’t know about.”

Fans await Bronny’s return

There is a lot of intrigue in Bronny and his career, which already existed before the health issues that have delayed his growth.

Many scouts think that he has the hallmarks of a top NBA player, regardless of who his father is.

They also think that he is going to be a different kind of player to LeBron. He is not as tall as his dad, but he is very athletic.

He also has a very high basketball IQ and could become a very impressive playmaker.

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