Simone Biles responds to The Wall Street Journal after shameful mistake

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Simone Biles recently became one of the most successful gymnasts in the world by earning her 37th medal, and while many news outlets are talking about her success including the respected Wall Street Journal, they made a mistake that could’ve been corrected, however, they left it as is.

The Wall Street Journal used a photo of another gymnast when promoting a tweet

The Wall Street Journal made an embarrassing mistake when writing their piece called “Simone Biles is officially the most decorated gymnast in history” which was set to give praise to the Olympian, however, they used a photo of a different gymnast.

In digital media, many things could be corrected by editing the article, however, before they even tried to change it, Simone Biles caught wind of what happened and called them out with a simple, yet, powerful tweet.

Simone Biles saw the tweet of the WSJ sharing the article on the platform and simply replied to the publication with “This picture isn’t even me, Try again.“.

Immediately, users on the platform started bashing the tweet, “This is really rather poor. One of the world’s greatest sporting icons just happens to be American, and you, an American newspaper, can’t even stretch to using the correct picture of her, at one of her greatest triumphs. What does one call that.” A user commented on Biles’ publication.

The Wall Street Journal had promoted the tweet and then deleted the post, but not before she caught the mistake, according to The Spun, the WSJ apologized to Biles and then changed the photo to an accurate one.

“I am sorry they did this to you. Congratulations though on all you have accomplished in the last few days. You are amazing.” Added another user.

Simone Biles had an exceptional comeback to competitive gymnastics winning four gold medals at the 2023 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.

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