Anthony Joshua made everyone cringe in his post-fight interview, even the crowd groaned

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Anthony Joshua rediscovered his KO touch against Robert Helenius but he managed to make the crowd cringe and groan following his victory.

Anthony Joshua stopped Helenius with a brutal one-punch knockout in round seven of their bout to record his second victory in a row following defeats to Oleksandr Usyk.

Despite the victory, the Briton boxed cautiously, lacking the speed and sharpness he once showed in his career, which brought on jeers from an unsatisfied crowd at the O2 Arena in London.

Joshua was hoping to kick-start his boxing career again after many have said that it has been stalling, against the 39-year-old Helenius who had fought just a week prior.

Anthony Joshua stopped 'The Nordic Nightmare' in the seventh round. (Credit: Getty Images)

During his post-fight interview, Joshua made a comment that could be perceived as cringe-worthy, bringing on jeers from the O2 crowd.

He said: “Ah! My back! My back! Is there a doctor in here, my back’s gone! Cause I’m about to carry this heavyweight division to the top!”

Expecting a joyous response from the crowd, Joshua’s comments were only met with some light cheers and a lot of groaning.

In response to the jeers from the crowd, Joshua also explained his fighting style at the post-fight press-conference: “If I could have done it earlier, I would have,

“It’s a breaking down job. There’s many ways to skin a cat and I did it in the end.”

The crowd had become agitated as they were made to wait until 11:30pm for the main event, and they voiced their frustrations during the fight.

Joshua asked post-fight: “Were they booing me or Helenius? That’s the question,

“Have any of them ever boxed before? They don’t understand it’s competitive boxing. We’re trying to shut each other’s advances down.

“It’s a game of chess and from the outside chess is boring.”

Their annoyance can be understood though, as for the opening 18 minutes of the fight, neither of the boxers let their hands go, as no flush shots landed.

However, for the first 18 minutes of the fight, neither boxer truly let their hands go. No flush shots landed.

The next step expected for Anthony Joshua is to fight Deontay ‘Bronze Bomber’ Wilder which is sure to be one of the most anticipating boxing matches in the imminent future.


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