WWE: Ten matches for Seth Rollins at WrestleMania XL

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Seth Rollins has done wonders with his 100+ day reign as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Though his reign has not touched the 1000-day mark, Rollins is one of the biggest stars in the wrestling industry currently.

While the Visionary has numerous accomplishments in his bag, he hasn’t main evented WrestleMania yet. He defeated Logan Paul in a spectacular match on the Showcase of Immortals this year. With numerous incredible performances in his career, the World Heavyweight Champion deserves to be in the main event spot next year. Though he may head into the Grandest Stage of them All as the World Heavyweight Champion, it isn’t necessary he would be able to headline the show.

However, regardless of the main event spot, there are numerous options for Rollins to have a mesmerizing match with, probably ending up being one of the best matches of the year. Let’s take a look at a few stars Rollins could face at WrestleMania XL.

Seth Rollins and Damian Priest tore the house down when both men collided on a Raw taping recently. After their match on the red brand, it seems clear that a collision like this would suit a bigger stage very well.

With the rivalry between Rollins and Judgment Day, a feud with Damian Priest would be a massive way to push the latter into the world championship picture. Though it seems Priest would lose possession over the Money in the Bank contract soon, a rivalry with the Visionary could be a fantastic addition for WrestleMania XL.

9. Jey Uso


Main Event Jey Uso marked the beginning of his singles run on Monday Night Raw. Though the star is a fan favourite currently, it won’t be surprising if the former Bloodline member turns heel soon. A feud with one of the top men in WWE would be a massive way for Jey to mark himself down as a great singles star.

Though it seems WWE would go with Jimmy vs Jey at WrestleMania XL, a rivalry with Seth Rollins could add a lot of excitement and attraction to the Grandest Stage of them All.

8. Edge

Image Credits: WWE

The Rated R superstar’s retirement is a mystery for now. Though Edge had a massive victory over Sheamus on SmackDown a few weeks ago, it is still unknown if it was his last match. If Edge is not done with the wrestling mat yet, he could have his final match at WrestleMania XL. However, the biggest question in everyone’s mind is, who should be the one to retire Edge?

While there are a lot of options out there, Seth Rollins is one of the biggest ones. The Visionary being one of Edge’s best rivalries since his return, running it back in a Title vs Career match could be a massive draw. This would also lead to the Rated R superstar getting the perfect retirement he deserves and add an amazing match to feature on the card.

Real Name Adam Copeland
Age 49
Height 6ft 5″
Weight 241lbs
Debut July 1992

7. Sheamus


The Celtic Warrior has not faced Seth Rollins in a singles match for years now. Though both men crossed paths in some star-studded matches, Sheamus vs Seth Rollins is something the WWE Universe has been waiting to witness.

While both men seem to be focused in different directions, a colossal match between them on stage like WrestleMania would be a treat to watch. With the history between both men as tag team competitors, having a singles feud with some gold on the line would be a great idea.

6. Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller

The Dynamite from Down Under stood out to be amazing in front of legends like John Cena and Edge earlier this year. Being one of the most dynamic stars in the industry currently, having a match with Seth Rollins could add in a lot of meat to the fans’ excitement for WrestleMania XL.

With men being on different brands, WWE isn’t ready to jump on the plan right now. However, if the match is added to the WrestleMania card, the young Aussie could walk out with a huge push waiting for him in WWE.

5. Carmelo Hayes


Seth Rollins and Carmelo Hayes shared TV time on Raw and NXT a few months ago. Both men being faces right now, a rivalry between them doesn’t seem to do wonders. However, with WWE having a few months before the Road to WrestleMania, planting seeds now could turn out to be amazing.

Undoubtedly, Rollins and Hayes have the same wrestling style and incredible mic skills. Being superstars who can be called a complete package for the industry, the Visionary could pass the torch to Hayes on a platform like WrestleMania XL. This could be a massive way for the current NXT Champion to take a top spot in the main roster as well.

4. Gunther


The new longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in history deserves a massive match at WrestleMania XL. Being one of the headliners in being called the modern Mr. WrestleMania, Seth Rollins facing Gunther could be one of the biggest matches of the year.

In addition to that, having the World Heavyweight Championship into the mix would add a lot of meat into their feud. This could eventually lead to Gunther facing the world title glory and cementing his position at the top of the WWE roster.

3. Cody Rhodes

Image Credits: WWE

Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes have a long enough history to run another feud. However, with both men being two of the biggest faces of Raw right now, a battle to be called the ‘Biggest Star’ on the red brand would be enough to raise the stakes.

Rhodes and Rollins are both considered to be the front-runners to defeat Roman Reigns on the top. Given WrestleMania XL is a two night event, WWE could add in a humongous storyline for Grandest Stage of them All. Both Rhodes and Rollins are considered to be the hardest workers in the ring currently.

However, their hard work could be out to test at WrestleMania XL. On Night 1 of the Showcase of the Immortals, Rhodes and Rollins could square off to determine Roman Reigns’ opponent for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on Night 2. This would eventually end up being one of the biggest rivalries of the year and add in two massive matches to the WrestleMania card.

Real Name Cody Runnels
Age 38
Height 6ft 2″
Weight 220lbs
Debut 2006

2. Randy Orton


The Viper’s return to the ring is still uncertain. However, with no official word yet, it seems like Randy Orton is preparing for a massive return. With a trailblazing career in the past, Randy Orton winning the World Championship once again would be a treat to watch.

The 43-year-old could make a shocking return at Royal Rumble 2024. In addition to that, adding another Men’s Royal Rumble match win to his bag of accomplishments could be the best way to leave the world talking.

If Seth Rollins is able to keep the World Heavyweight Championship close to his chest until WrestleMania XL, Randy Orton could be one of the biggest matches of his reign. Bringing memories from WrestleMania 31, both men could tear each other apart in the main event of the Showcase of Immortals, eventually leading to the Viper ruling as the new World Heavyweight Champion.

1. Roman Reigns


While there seem to be no talks of a match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins any time soon, WrestleMania XL would be the perfect platform to run it down. With both men being the current World Champions, it is safe to say that Reigns and Rollins are two of the biggest stars in the industry right now.

Survivor Series 2023 is on the horizon. If WWE goes back to their traditional Raw vs Smackdown idea for this year’s premium live event, WrestleMania would come late. However, a match with this caliber should be run on the Grandest Stage of them All.

Since the Tribal Chief held the Universal Championship high, Seth Rollins has been believed to be the one to dethrone him. However, with some massive character work from Cody Rhodes, the Visionary seems to be off the charts.

However, Rollins vs. Reigns could be the best match to run as the main event of WrestleMania XL, eventually leading to Rollins standing tall as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

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