Sad ending for Floyd Mayweather if brawl, lifeless arena end heist

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Floyd Mayweather looks to have ended his career with a sour taste, a lifeless arena, and a brawl to finish.

Mayweather may have fought his last bout. If that is the case, it’s a sad climax to a run that sparkled for many years.

The boxing legend’s latest effort, a dominant stoppage of John Gotti III, will not go down in any record books. However, it will be remembered for a mass brawl inside the arena.

Not the best way for Floyd to go out at age 46.

Mayweather tried to put on a show for the fans, but not many of them will take that memory away from the exhibition.

In his London exhibition before that, the ‘Money’ man clowned around, sat on the ropes, and attempted to give those who paid to see him in an exhibition value for money.

Unfortunately for the one-time superstar, he fell as flat as the arena. Against Gotti, the opposite happened, and all hell broke loose.

The whole farce saw Mayweather potentially bow out of the sport in the most shocking way possible.

Floyd Mayweather career

From a contest against a former reality star to a battle against a notorious name in sports, Floyd Mayweather is better than that – and we all know it.

Mayweather strayed from his previous formula of the Middle East. London and the USA never paid off during his ‘Heist Tour.’

Paying top-dollar prices for seats and Pay Per Views as Mayweather toys with his opponents are undoubtedly becoming a more challenging task.

Having to place a mixture of reality stars and YouTubers on the undercard only blights the copybook of a once international boxing icon.

The five-weight champion must consider ceasing any further events of this nature. He now knows that the new generation is turning off to the aging guard.

Adding a UK reality star and a notorious name didn’t help Mayweather in his quest to continue lighting up the sport.

Continuing trending on social media, most of the mentions of Floyd Mayweather are now about how he failed to capture the imagination.

If he gets back inside the ring, he has to avoid the UK or the United States and stick to entertaining the Middle Eastern fans who will buy a ticket and show up for the Pay Pey View taping.


As a Floyd Mayweather fan and an avid follower of his generation, it was hard to swallow just how low the veteran has sunk in the grand scheme of the sport.

The influencer generation couldn’t even prop up a legend with almost thirty million followers on Instagram alone. That’s what makes this whole scenario all the more shocking.

It’s a fact Mayweather struggles to pack an arena in an age when YouTubers can sell out venues.

The fall from grace for the Las Vegas native will hopefully be a wake-up call that not everything he does will work. Yes, he’ll get his check, but Mayweather lost the way. Mayweather is a Hall of Famer with a resume anyone would be proud of in any era of boxing. However, it’s a shocking way to earn extra cash.

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