Floyd Mayweather proves why he’s a king outside of the ring

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Floyd Mayweather is undoubtedly a top-five boxer of all time. He’s also a very charitable person, as he proved once again to no personal gain.

Mayweather not only helped evacuate people from the recent Maui fires, he specifically stated he wanted zero attention for his actions.

However, some outlets let the cat out of the bag, and it’s clear that Floyd Mayweather is a hero.

Some may disagree due to his past mistakes, but Floyd is much more mature these days. In joining the relief efforts in Maui without any push, Mayweather proved he had his fingers on the pulse once again.

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As we know, Mayweather does this kind of gesture at a whim, like paying for the funerals of the needy and visiting poorer countries.

Whatever people want to say about Mayweather negatively, the positive of the man far outweighs that over the last few years.

Floyd Mayweather helping people

Mayweather helped countless families in their hour of need and certainly would have contributed to saving lives. According to the TMZ report, Mayweather paid hotel bills, food, and clothing over weeks.

At the time, over fifty people were reported dead as Governor Josh Green updated everyone on the scale of the disaster.

“The full extent of the destruction of Lahaina will shock you. It does appear that a bomb went off. It will be a new Lahaina,” said Green to the New York Times.

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As his retirement efforts get noted, Mayweather still fights to be fully recognized for his first-ballot Hall of Fame career.

He is one of the greatest boxers of all time, definitely top five all around and number one defensively. Walking away from the sport with an undefeated record of 50-0 [49-0 in reality], ‘Money’ consistently complains that he gets zero credit for his accomplishments.

Getting called a “cherry picker” when he fought everyone with a name in his era, maybe apart from prime Manny Pacquiao, is wrong.

They did eventually fight, and Mayweather dominated. Many believe this may have been the outcome anyway, but we’ll never know.

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We’ll also have to keep guessing why it didn’t happen. However, Floyd and Leonard Ellerbe are adamant it was due to Pacquiao not agreeing to their drug testing demands.

Floyd Mayweather deserves credit, both inside and outside of the ring. Whether you like his flashiness and can handle his previous misdemeanors, he’s an all-time great every day of the week.

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