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Terence Crawford is well aware of the viral clip of Gervonta Davis vowing to put “Bud” to sleep if the two ever fight at 147 pounds.

To that, the newly-crowned welterweight champion of the world believes “Tank” should tread lightly.

“Well, he’s just talking. He’s got the confidence in himself that he believes he can do that, because he’s been knocking all these fighters out that he’s been in the ring with,” Crawford began explaining on “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday.

“No knock to ‘Tank,’ but there’s definitely levels and if he comes up to 147 and he’s thinking he’s just going to knock Terence Crawford out, he’s got another thing coming.”

Crawford did confirm that he’d be willing to stay at welterweight a little longer just to wait for Davis, who would be moving up from 135 pounds, as a “Bud” vs. “Tank” bout would be a “big money fight.”

But he’s not so sure that it would benefit him legacy-wise.

“And then what?” Crawford added, referring to if he’d beat Davis. “Everybody’s gonna say he was too small. Nobody gonna give me credit. They’re gonna say ‘oh man, you beat up a little guy that fights at 135.'”

“What kind of recognition am I gonna get for beating up on ‘Tank’?”


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