Gervonta Davis Florida mansion was robbed while he is in prison, how much did the robbers take from Tank?

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Gervonta Davis is currently in a Baltimore prison for violating the terms of his three-month house-arrest sentence for being involved in a car crash back in 2020, and while he was in prison, robbers took the opportunity to enter his Florida mansion and rob the boxer.

According to the Baltimore Banner newspaper, he was supposed to be staying at his trainer Calvin Ford’s home in Baltimore but had been staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore. After rejecting Ford’s house, his idea was to move into the luxury penthouse he had just purchased to spend his sentence.

Gervonta Davis was supposed to be serving a three-month stint of house arrest in his trainer’s house, however, Tank made a case about the conditions of the property he was to remain, saying that just his security detail would not even fit in the room where he was appointed.

Let alone his children who needed more space to be with his father and have recreational activities while he is under house arrest.

The fact is that, according to Michael Tomko, Davis’ lawyer, the room in Ford’s house could not accommodate the boxer’s security detail for 24 hours.

Gervonta’s lawyer got in front of the train and took the blame for his client’s behavior, although the Tank is already in prison, his legal counsel addressed the media saying “Blame it on me, because he did nothing wrong. He did what I asked him to do. […] I don’t think Mr. Davis did anything wrong, except listen to his lawyer.”

Tank’s bad luck adds Insult to injury

Gervonta’s lawyer made another statement to say that ‘Tank’s’ mansion in Parkland, Florida, had been burglarized and ransacked and that “Personal belongings including prized boxing regalia and several collector automobiles were taken. Furthermore, the haul is said to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars”.

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