Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian unveil 2nd baby’s gender with drone display

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Serena Williams, the renowned pro tennis player, and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, have joyfully revealed the gender of their second baby.

The couple, who are already parents to their daughter Olympia, held a memorable “baby shower-slash-gender reveal” party to share the exciting news.

Amidst an outdoor celebration, Serena arrived dressed in a pink and white skirt and top that elegantly displayed her baby bump, indicating her preference for a baby girl.

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In a video posted on YouTube, she expressed some nervousness stating,  “I’m a little nervous because I don’t have any contingency plan if it turns out to be a boy.”

The party venue was adorned with a vibrant rainbow-colored balloon arch and a sign that read “Our Next Great Adventure.” Guests enjoyed the festivities under the shade of long white sticks with multi-colored balloon bouquets that resembled trees. Soft matching blankets were laid out across the grounds for everyone’s comfort.

The event featured dancing, with DJ Mike Wise providing the music, as well as a dunk tank and plenty of heartwarming hugs shared among the guests.

However, Alexis Ohanian had a fun surprise up his sleeve. Instead of the usual pink or blue cake for gender reveals, he ordered a yellow cake to playfully tease Serena. He joked that he wanted to troll her and Olympia, their baby’s pet name, and see their reactions when they initially thought the cake might reveal the gender. As Serena cut into the cake and saw it was yellow, she playfully attempted to smoosh it onto Alexis’ face.

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Soon after the cake-cutting antics, Alexis announced that they would now reveal their baby’s sex with style and spectacle. “We are actually going to reveal Jelly Bean’s sex. The way we’re going to do it, though, is with a little style and some spectacular lights.”

The DJ started the music, drawing everyone’s attention to the sky. Drones then lit up the night, forming the word “Girl!” in a dazzling display.

The guests erupted into cheers and applause while Serena, Alexis, and Olympia couldn’t contain their joy at the news.

Back in May, Serena had shared the news of her second pregnancy on Instagram with a carousel of photos featuring her and Alexis, one of which showcased her cradling her baby bump while the couple smiled brightly together.

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