50 cent


It seems like Gervonta Davis (now Abdul Wahid) has an ally while he engages Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a bitter online feud. Through his Instagram handle, rap legend 50 Cent took up some of the claims ‘Tank’ made about his former mentor and promoter. Probably fans were just waiting for something like this to happen as droves of them jumped in with comments, memes, and emojis, pouring their hearts out.

As most fans know, the undefeated former champion and the founder of G-Unit Records themselves share a past. Once close friends, their relationships eventually turned bitter on account of some issues. The rapper was later found taking digs at the boxing legend over his ability to read. Perhaps ‘Tank’ and ‘The Money’s latest spat gave him an opportunity to enjoy some banter?

A series of tweets from the Baltimorean have been keeping the issue actively simmering. Davis seemingly called out the rap legend. “Let me call 50; we gotta get this ni**a home by Monday,” said Gervonta Davis (now Abdul Wahid).

So tagging all those messages from the young boxer on his Instagram post, 50 Cent wrote, “Oh nah, this sh*t is real. @gervontaa would not say no sh*t like that if it wasn’t official. Me and Champ be beefing, but he my brother. I got some money if he need it !

Calling Floyd Mayweather Jr. a ‘hater’, Gervonta Davis (now Abdul Wahid) had reportedly alleged that the former world champion is in Dubai and cannot leave on account of some unpaid dues.

A quite riposte from Mayweather Jr. followed. He shared some dancing videos of the WBA lightweight champion.

Fans Thoroughly Ecstatic

Needless to say, fans found this bonhomie between ‘Tank’ and 50 Cent rather amusing. Most probably couldn’t control themselves from guffawing, hence the laughter emoticon. A few memes were also available. Instead of using his oft-repeated crying meme, a user found Michael Jordan‘s smiling clip more useful.

To the following user, it appears that the matter has flown out of the boxing world’s realm.

Taking a meme GIF’s help, the next user pondered whether ‘Tank’ would be closely observing how social media turned a big advantage for Ryan Garcia and his campaign.

Come June 15, and after a break of over twelve months, fans will see ‘Tank’ entering the ring again. He will defend his title against Frank Martin at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. So, as one of the users pointed out, and quite a few might be wondering, is this all part of a ruse? Something akin to the one purportedly used to the hilt by Ryan Garcia in the fight with Devin Haney, as many have been suggesting?