Simone Biles Is Seeking French Man’s Help for Paris Olympics 2024 Dream: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Gregory Milan

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Simone Biles is on her quest for glory at the Paris Olympics 2024 after her mishap in Tokyo. In a bid to refine her performance, Biles has turned to a strategic partnership with Frenchman Gregory Milan. He is a friend of Simone Biles’ coach Landi. Milan is often seen in training sessions with Landi’s other trainees.

With her sights on gold, Biles looks to Milan for guidance in honing her skills and conquering Olympic challenges. Together, their collaboration promises an exciting journey toward Olympic greatness in the City of Light. Let’s delve into the details of this alliance, exploring how their combined efforts are shaping Biles’ path to victory.

In a recent post on X by FX Choreo, Simone Biles is seen practicing her graceful and arduous routine ahead of the Paris Olympics. The caption reads, “Gregory Milan also worked with Simone Biles for her floor and beam choreographies!” She is being helped by the French choreography artist ahead of the big games. Milan, who has closely worked with gymnasts to develop their choreographies, has also assisted the French women’s gymnastics team leading to their gold in Portimao. In the X video, Milan is seen accompanying Biles on the floor, twirling and lifting her as she stretches out her feet with pointed toes.

Earlier, Biles had shared a post thanking Milan for helping her with her beam and floor choreography and wished him a happy birthday. Biles even shared another post praising the man, “Your energy is electric,” and, “everyone needs a greguito in their life!!! we always have the best time!” Milan was also seen with Cecile Landi’s trainee Melanie Santos practicing a floor choreo this year.

Speaking about his involvement in gymnastics, Milan had once said, “Since I didn’t come from gymnastics, people didn’t trust me at first, even though dance and gymnastics share very high standards.” However, Landi seems to trust him wholeheartedly as he often develops gymnastics routines alongside her trainees. It is likely that Gregory Milan will be helping Simone Biles develop her beam and floor routine for the Paris Games in August as well.

Simone Biles and her coaches Cecile and Laurent Landi are taking a different route this time as the gymnast returns to the Olympic stage post her “twisties.” The focus is primarily on Biles’ mental health and being in tune with her body. She has been attending therapy weekly and is prioritizing maintaining a top-notch training routine. On “All Things Gymnastics” podcast, Landi said, “She’s [Simone] really in tune with how she’s feeling mentally and physically, speaking up about it” adding, “It’s [therapy] an escape and it’s also what helps her continue what she’s doing.” If anything, Biles’ performances recently speak for themselves.

She won the national all-around title in the 2023 World Championships in Belgium after a two-year hiatus. Biles also performed a Yurchenko double pike vault, a feat never before done by a woman in competition. She is hoping for a spot on the US gymnastics women’s team next. Though we are all waiting for the trials to know for sure whether Biles will be a part of Paris, she strongly hinted that is her goal. In an interview with TODAY, she said, “I would say that’s the path I would love to go, so I wouldn’t mind if you put it in the ‘yay’ section.” At present Biles is preparing for various competitions like the Core Hydration Classic, U.S. Gymnastics Championships, and U.S. Olympic Trials, which will determine her spot on the U.S. Olympic team.


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