Novak Djokovic Crowns Serena Williams as His Biggest Inspiration Alongside Tom Brady and Cristiano Ronaldo in an Endearing Tribute

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The difference between being great and being legendary can often come down to the mindset that works behind such ambitions. And Novak Djokovic, the G.O.A.T. of tennis, understands this very well. Drawing inspiration from athletes like Serena Williams, Tom Brady, and Cristiano Ronaldo, Djokovic provided a glimpse into how he draws inspiration from his fellow sporting legends.

Earlier this year, Novak Djokovic sat down for an interview on “Good Trouble with Nick Kyrgios“. There he admitted the inspirational figures in his life and the motivation he draws from them. “I identify with Tom Brady as well. And Serena is first of all – incredible mind of a champion, just incredible hunger for success, for improvement. Cristiano Ronaldo is also like that,” Djokovic began.

He further added, “But just willingness on a daily basis. To take your body, your mind, your character, your emotions, to a different level. To be a better version every single day. And to crush the borders and limits that everyone imposes on you.”

As the Serbinator said, Williams, Ronaldo, and Brady have indeed shown their leadership to the world. Tom Brady, who has led his Super Bowl victories to a record 7 times in his career, is exceptionally dedicated to his game. And with his meticulous preparation, strict dietary regimes, and various sacrifices, he has managed to play at his highest level even in his 40s.

Tennis icon Serena Williams is also not far behind in this arena. The 23-time Grand Slam winner has won more Grand Slam singles titles than any other woman or man had during her time in the Open Era. Overcoming injuries that ranged from torn hamstrings to knee injuries over the years, her resilience and commitment to improvement served as a beacon of hope for many athletes, like Novak Djokovic.

And when it comes to football champion Ronaldo, who holds the record for most goals in his Championship Leagues, his dedication to football is also an inspiration for many players worldwide. Novak Djokovic, who is a tennis legend himself, also opened up previously about the one thing that works for him besides being inspired by other legends.

Last year, Novak Djokovic revealed how self-confidence is what drives him forward in his goal. “I believe that what worked for me and still works for me is that self-belief and confidence level.” He further continued, “But just self-belief. That, hey, I know that when I’m ready, when I’m there out on the court, on any surface, against anybody, I’m better. I’m the best.”

Djokovic, who is completing his 425th week on top, has had an illustrious career in tennis. Throughout his over two-decade-long career, Djokovic has won a total of 98 singles titles to his name. And he is not stopping anytime soon, as he himself admitted during an Australian Open post-match interview. While he continues to show his prowess on-court, we all hope that he keeps drawing inspiration from other athletes and moves forward in his career.


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