Mike Tyson’s Recent Training Clip Makes Fans Fear for Jake Paul: “You Can Still Say No”

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The Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul fight is perhaps the most talked-about event in recent times. Legendary heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will make his return to the sport after his exhibition bout in 2020 against Roy Jones Jr. However, does Tyson (soon to turn 58) still have what it takes to beat influencer boxing sensation Jake Paul?

If the reactions to Tyson’s recent training clip are any evidence, fans don’t just feel Tyson would beat Paul, they think Paul might want to rethink his decision to fight the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet.’ On April 23, the former heavyweight champion took to social media, sharing the clip in question, sparking a flurry of comments from fans who were worried about Paul.

With the Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney fight transpiring in Brooklyn, New York, Tyson seems to have taken a break to attend the fight. He was ringside on April 20 when he accurately predicted Garcia was up to something. Garcia, of course, went on to shock the world by dominantly defeating his career rival.

However, it showed despite Tyson’s age, he can tell what’s about to happen when two people get in the ring. Perhaps Tyson also knows what would happen in the July 20 fight at AT&T Stadium between him and Paul. Regardless, in the clip, Tyson can be seen ferociously attacking the pads with his Brazilian mixed martial arts trainer, Rafael Cordeiro.

Ducking and weaving, Tyson threw combinations like he was 20, instead of 57. Even his trainer can be seen almost nervous about becoming an accidental victim of one of Tyson’s wild punches. So, when Tyson captioned his training clip “Back to Work” on X, people didn’t take long to figure out that Paul’s destruction was en route.

Fan claims the match is rigged if Jake Paul wins

Tyson boasts an enormous fan base on social media, so his training clip was bound to gain traction eventually—sooner rather than later. One user shared a GIF of a person dressed as Joker careening across a sidewalk as if Batman himself threw him. The user humorously implied that this will be Paul when he fights Tyson.

Another user confidently declared if Tyson didn’t win the fight, it would mean the fight was scripted. However, it’s worth mentioning that Tyson himself has assured everyone that it’s an actual fight, even though the fight is being branded as an exhibition.

Someone else tried to give Paul a way out of the fight, sarcastically implying Paul must be scared to fight Tyson. Jokes aside, Jake Paul has seemed extremely confident about putting Tyson on the canvas when they eventually collide in the ring.

The next user brought up a boxing video game to get his point across. The user suggested that Paul is going to face the ultimate boss of the game named ‘Punch Out.’ In that context, Paul’s previous opponents would be all the lackeys, players have to fight before getting to the boss. And since Paul already lost to Tommy Fury, his chances against Tyson don’t seem good.

While everyone else gave zero chance to Paul winning the fight, this user had the opposite idea. The user confidently highlighted that there’s no way Paul is losing to Mike Tyson. However, Tyson’s one-punch knockout power can prove the user’s prediction wrong.


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