“My Legs Would’ve Shattered”: Simone Biles’ Fans Can’t Believe Her Resurfaced ‘Superhuman’ Skills

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Simone Biles is about to hit the ground running once again. Speculations are there that the queen of gymnastics is about to make a comeback, at least if the latest reports around her season debut in the USA Gymnastics women’s national team camp are to be believed. The camp is going to be an opportunity for the gymnasts to fix their berths for the Pacific Rim Championship. The former event is scheduled for tomorrow in Katy, Texas, and will be concluded on April 4th.

Biles’ fans were left saddened after she decided not to compete in the Winter Cup this year, which was anticipated to be her 2024 season opener. The gymnastics community will be graced by Simone Biles scintillating routines once again if she comes back tomorrow to compete. As anticipation mounts and adrenaline surges, fans eagerly await their superstar’s return as a video of her pulling out some effortless maneuvers goes viral prior to the event.

The video was shared by Interestingasf**k on their Reddit handle, in which Simone Biles, as per her typical reputation, is performing some electrifying floor exercise routines. The footage captioned Simone Biles is nothing less than superhuman” looks to be taken from the US Olympic team trials. In the clip, the Columbus native can be seen running, and after a couple of flips, she hits a perfect and seamless corkscrew, which looks terrific and satisfying at the same time. Upon landing, she elevates her hand in her distinctive manner, marking yet another signature moment.

If everything goes right, the same can be expected from Simone Biles at the 2024 Pacific Rim Championships. The event will witness around 18 athletes from the United States battling it out against some of the best global gymnasts. The competition is scheduled to kick off from April 21st to April 28th in Cali, Colombia, and the City of Jesolo Trophy on April 20th and 21st in Jesolo, Italy. Fans would have their fingers crossed as they have been waiting forever to see Biles perform, and their appreciation for the Ohio-based icon in the earlier mentioned video speaks volumes about their love for the Olympian.

Fans reach for the stars in Biles admiration

The video was posted on the platform on Saturday, and the comment section of the snippet is just a perfect example of what Simone Biles has earned from the fans over the years. One fan reflected a shift in his perspective after witnessing Simone Biles’ skill firsthand and wrote, I remember there was a time when I thought what’s the big hype about her. Then I saw a video much like this one. Then I was like oh ok, yeah she’s incredible.” Another fan expressed awe and admiration for Simone Biles’ remarkable athleticism and stated, Both of my legs would’ve shattered.”

The comment Authentic GOAT,” praised Simone Biles in an authentic and genuine manner. One other fan emphasized her exceptional talent and accomplishments, compared her to a superhuman, and wrote“Simone Biles is nothing less than superhuman. Six world championships, 30 world class medals, 24 gold? I think she can fly. You go girl!” Other comments, like How do you even get your body to do that” perfectly capture the athleticism of Simone Biles and what she is capable of doing.


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