“You Have to Break an Opponent Down”: Mayweather Promotions CEO Details Importance of Mental Fitness in Boxing Using Floyd Mayweather as Example

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In light of Ryan Garcia’s concerning behavior on the internet, the focus on the mental health of boxers has intensified. His now previous meltdowns on social media and concerns about alcoholism have led many to believe that it may be his tactic to promote the upcoming Devin Haney fight. However, a major chunk remains worried if the fighter needs mental health assistance. Does this suggest Ryan Garcia might not be in peak mental condition for his crucial fight against Devin Haney?

While the sport demands a fighter to be in pristine headspace, the pressure on them to perform better, coupled with expectations of fans and media glare, could make it hard for them to cope. In such dire cases, how does one adapt? Leonard Ellerbe, a close confidant of Floyd Mayweather for years, has some poignant tips to give.

Fight Hub TV quizzed Mayweather Promotions’ CEO, Leonard Ellerbe, about the ongoing Ryan Garcia fiasco. For Ellerbe, The Californian fighter’s behavior was deeply concerning. He noted, “When you’re fighting at the highest level, you got to have a tremendous amount of focus.” The CEO remarked, “Oftentimes, you gotta visualize what you are going to do and you have to break an opponent down.”

The 58-year-old further explained using ‘Money’ as an example. He said, “It’s like, he [Floyd Mayweather] can focus where there’s chaos. What people perceive as chaos. But that’s Floyd Mayweather though.” He highlighted that Mayweather, in his career, could anticipate his opponent’s next moves, and respond effectively. Because of experience? No. Ellerbe said, “That’s a gift.”

However, in Garcia’s case, it’s a bit more strenuous. The CEO of Mayweather Promotions emphasized, “It’s always harder when you’re a younger fighter when you haven’t been in a lot of big-time fights to be able to and the focus part of it is oftentimes you have to just kind of, as my mom used to tell me, sit still. Sit still!”

For someone who’s studied Ryan Garcia very closely, Ellerbe is the best person to comment on how the fighter’s bout against ‘The Dream’ could work or not work for him. Here is what he had to say when asked to pick between KingRy and The Dream.

Keeping all the internet drama aside, when looking at the 25-year-old fighter, it seems like he’s never been more prepared to undertake a clash. His daily morning runs, to sweaty gym workouts. If one were to look at him without his social media antics, one would think that the fighter would give Haney a hard run for his money.

However, while keeping all of this in mind, Leonard Ellerbe refused to pick a side. Why? “Because I really haven’t thought about it. To look at each one of them style, you know? It’s a good fight. It’s a good fight,” he curtailed his thoughts without giving out a judgment. According to him, both the fighters come with their strengths into the ring, which makes the bout even more interesting.


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